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Equipment Technician5 avis
Canada5 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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If you like fast paced work and like working with heavy machines this job might be for you. The co-workers were ok. But management was a nightmare. Overall it was ok
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Unproductive and unsatisfying

Promised everything gave nothing, wasn’t given the tools to succeed.No laptop with diagnostics software,no cell phone with full data.No Cat SIS 2.0 service program,No work clothes/coveralls (was only there 3 weeks) all as promised.The shop had no WIFI (had to use my cell data to research product information etc) and use my cell phone for service calls.The shop had very little tooling and general consumables.Service truck was a joke.When I refused a service call to a open field at minus 40 conditions ( block heater install) was told they would lose the account if I didn’t comply.Did I mention that the building runs out of water after 5 minutes of power washingLol.Also found out that branch managers work on this PIP bonus system, lower operating costs mean fatter bonus cheques for management but seriously affects overall morale.Just say NO to Battlefield Equipment. would of expected more from a Company like Toromont.Very unprofessional and their rental fees are over inflated compared to competitors.

Points positifs

Fellow employees great, Monday to Friday no weekends

Points négatifs

Micromanaged to the max
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Great Coworkers, Predatory Management, Poor Communication

Keep in mind this review is written during COVID, so there are some differences in the workplace now, and they will remain in place for the forseeable future. At the beginning of COVID they only catered to salary employees, they cut all of the hourly employees wages and laid people off left and right. Even after restrictions were lifted and the company was once again profitable instead of bring wages back to what they were pre-COVID they simply remained the same. Now there are multiple people working here struggling to get by and the company simply does not care about employees. So keep in mind you are just a number to them and nothing more. This sentiment is reflected throughout the management structure entirely. They will never remember your name, ask how you are doing or ensure you are feeling ok and are safe. They institute safety policies not for the safety of their workers, simply to legally protect themselves. Their policy is that it is always your fault, no matter what. Accidents are impossible and can never actually happen. They also did not protect employees from the public, did not initially offer any sort of sanitation solutions to hourly employees and were overall not safe when it came to COVID, it took them almost two months to actually begin to protect hourly employees, they only protected salary workers (management and salespeople). The only saving grace about this workplace is the people you work with in the shop. They always are a good time to joke around with, and they will always share their knowledge and help you. Now that overtime is gone - 

Points positifs

Good Coworkers

Points négatifs

Treated As a Number, Low Wages, No work life balance
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Not a great place to work

Not a great place to work. Very disorganized company. Does not pay very well. There is a lot of favoritism with in the company. Someone who has been with the company for years and is not following safety regulations does not get reprimanded but someone who has only been there a short time gets reprimanded. Happened more then it should have.
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Great company to work for

I started with the company 11+ years ago as a small engine mechanic and took the opportunity to move into heavy equipment repair. With a very wide range of equipment this job is always challenging and every day is a learning experience. Like every large company, you get out of it what you put in. If you’re willing to work hard and be a productive, competent member of the team, working at Battlefield will be a rewarding experience.
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Equipment Technician chez Battlefield Equipment Rentals

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30,47 $ par heure

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