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Barrie, ON7 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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I started on a seasonal contract in the Barrie and Bradford branch and the atmosphere was great, the managers were understanding and essentially ran the branch with the staff in mind at all times! After my contract had expired not a single person had moved on or left (approx 8 months) so there was no room for me there. I opted to transfer to the brampton branch where I found the worst manager I had ever dealt with in my life. He spent his days screaming at people for minor issues and chasing down staff who were on their breaks and tearing them a new one. Unfortunately his twin brother controls one of the largest clients the company has so he has his position simply duee to politics and bottom lines. I would recommend that people work anywhere but the brampton branch!
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Really enjoyed working there

Battlefield is a great place to work, supportive management, great internal promotion opportunities. Paid safety training, great vacation policy, very safe workplace.
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Emplois et carrières chez Centre de location d'équipement Battlefield

à Barrie, ON
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Great employer / Friendly, helpful and professional environment / Strong team spirit / Results focusedExcellent management / great communication

Great employer - creates a friendly, helpful and professional culture each day.Strong team atmosphere - everyone goes the extra mile to serve our customers and help their team mates.Management is quick to offer praise for a job well done and provides great training to grow it's employee's skills.It's a faced pace, fun and rewarding company to work for - they take pride in respecting their customers and employees. I highly recommend Battlefield Equipment Rentals as an employer and will continue my career with them for the long term!
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If I Could Rate 0 Stars I would….

Run. Don’t do it. Absolutely no training or support. I was constantly asking for things to do and was expected to be a mind reader in regards to what management expected of me (I constantly asked this as a well). They give you ZERO direction, support and training. Then fire you without giving a reason because they’re spineless and extremely cowardly. Typical big company, impress you with “all they have to offer” then let you hang yourself.Pathetic excuse for a business and horrendous management with NO social/interpersonal skills at all.Run. Fast.

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Terrible place to work

The worst place I have ever worked. Terrible management, terrible pay and long hours. Upper management is awful and they have very poor communication skills. Unless you are a “yes man” you will never grow in the company. Do not work here unless you want to have no life and get paid nothing. The worst place I have ever worked in my life.

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Everything. Management, pay, long hours
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Great place to work if you want to have no life and make no money.

Staff are overworked and underpaid. At a time when branches like this one are posting record profits, it's management who benefits. Hourly employees are dealt crumbs and expected to be thankful and remain motivated. Their hard work is absorbed by those above them with little to no regard for the real cost of living. The company preaches a team spirit but the reality is very much the opposite. Communication sucks and accountability is low. Education and competencies don't matter, it's all about whether you're in or you're out. Bottom line: if you're a young person looking to rely on your wages to go up through hard work, you're going to fall behind here and fast.

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Salary, Work/Life Balance, Management
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Decent place to work

Decent place to work. Good people for the most part. The variety is nice. Good for someone single as you can work 60 hours a week with out any issues. Don't expect anyone to thank you for getting things done in time for the customer. Your girlfriend probably will get tired of it as will you when you realise you need to work 60 hours a week just to make a decent wage.

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Fun place to work

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You need to live in your girlfriend's parent's basement
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