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Je suis chez Battlefield depuis deux ans. J'aime beaucoup mon emploi et a chaque jour j'apprend de nouvelles choses .Les journées passe très vite et l'équipe est super. La direction est a l'écoute et proactive.

Points positifs

Bon ambiance de travail

Points négatifs

travail sous pression
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Not a bad place to start

Good starting spot for someone who wants to gain experience in the heavy equipment world. Improvements can be made to bring in experienced employees.
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productive and fun working place

Best Branch to work with. Good people and manager to work with. Honestly, I've learned a lot in this company. They've give high respect no matter what
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Good Place to Start

Great Place to get into the rental industry will teach you a lot and allow you to grow. With the right team around you and that will in power you your opportunities within are limitless
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Wrong Direction

Company doesn't care about employee's, only numbers. Culture there is terrible. They will run you until you have nothing left to give. Long hours not compensated when on salary.
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  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Absence de stress
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses

Points à améliorer

  • Sentiment d'appartenance
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Soutien du responsable

Excellent Place to Work

Battlefield is an amazing place to work. Or better yet, build a career. So many opportunities and great atmosphere. Upper management cares about their teams and helps us achieve success.
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Don't bother applying

You are expected to work 11 hour days. Work-Life balance is none existent.The hourly pay is not up to industry standards, especially for the hours they expect you to work. Worked 14+ hour shifts on multiple occasions. Pay-checks weren't bad but was always still behind on invoicing and paperwork as there is very little support/help from the service manager. Don't expect any type of thank you or acknowledgement for working hard. Seems employees who slack off and are late everyday get more positive reinforcement than those who work hard.Extreme lack of training in all departments at Battlefield.The work environment is extremely toxic. Everyone, including management are always talking badly about other employees and customers. Management is very two faced, will be nice to your face but the minute you walk out of the room they're talking badly about you to anyone who will listen.Management is very poor and doesn't seem to care about their employees. Legitimate complaints about fellow employees are not taken seriously. Service manager will let you get berated and bullied by a fellow employee, on multiple occasions, without a single repercussion. Confidential information is never confidential in the parts/service department. Only positive are some of the employees. Most of the techs in the shop, the dispatcher and two of the field techs are the best group of guys you'll ever work with. They were beyond helpful and always helped to bring morale up even on the worst of days.

Points positifs

Occasional free lunches

Points négatifs

longs hours, toxic work environment, bad pay
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Zero Respect - Long Hours

The branch manager in London does not know how to be a proper manager! He constantly speaks down to people, usually through email - he is a keyboard warrior. They do nothing about employees that stand around and do nothing all day.Management believes they are doing you a favour by expecting you to work 50 hrs a week. They will let good people leave instead of compensating fairly or treating them well and then expect the other employees to pick up the slack.

Points négatifs

No Respect
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Challenging and thrilling

I enjoyed the career, provided challenges and troubleshooting opportunites, no day was the same, never a dull moment and never boring. I like being on road.
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Toxic work environment

If you're looking for a toxic work environment, look no further. Branch Manager is soulless corporate puppet. Zero job security. Zero quality on job training aside for safety. Toxic masculinity culture. Play the game and you'll do great!
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Over worked

They expect you to do everything and since your on a salary they take advantage and it’s miss managed and they don’t pay everyone the same when you start

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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low pay for the current industries market

great coe workers and good environment for the most part The company needs to start spending money on their employees they need to start rewarding the good employees and discipline the bad onesGreat spot to work butwages needs adjustment

Points négatifs

Low pay
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fun working and respectful co worker

My experience working with battlefield concord branch is fantastic, all the people working on this branch are really great. Especially the Branch manager, Account managers and drivers. They treat all the employees here with high respect on this branch. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Points positifs

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Under paid, over worked, equipment you drive is old and put dated and always down, dispatch picks favorites and do any care about your life outside of work, even though they preach work life balance.

Points positifs

Some of the people who work there

Points négatifs

Dispatch, equipment, moral
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Don’t work here

Bad place wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like places where management is not able to be reached at all times of the day and never a clear path or direction given
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Great place to work

Battlefield is a great place to work the pay is fair and the benefits are vary good. The work schedule is very good as well. Mon-Fri 7-5 or 8-5 depending on your position. Management is good and very easy to communicate with and are always there to support the employees as best they can. With battlefield there are plenty of opportunities to advance.

Points positifs

special BBQ's we have every once and a while.
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Great place to work!

A big company with a small company feel. Great managers and a great team of mechanics and drivers. Lots of overtime if you want it, and a decent and fair pay rate.
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Great Team Environment

Battlefield is a great environment to work in. Although it is a large corporation, it still has the feel of a small company. It is a very fast paced environment that makes the work day fly by.
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Long hours, Little respect

Cons - Management believes they are doing you a favor by expecting you to work 50hrs a week. They will let good people leave instead of compensating fairly or treating them well and then expect the other employees to pick up the slack.Pros - always lots of hours available, overtime is paid out with little concern about productivity.
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Okay place to work

When I was hired it seemed like a great place to work, everything was going well. Few months went by and they got a new dispatcher that I couldn’t deal with, Someone younger and knows nothing about equipment.

Points positifs

Free coffee

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Horrible pay, management has bad attitude

Management doesnt care about its employees, their attitude is we are lucky to have a job. Horrible pay and condition of trucks has always been subpar.
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