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Service Manager (Vaughan, ON)

le 18 août 2021
what i have seen here is and was more than any on could expected from that name. this is in no way what ones can describe as a CAT dealer. management is more in argument and fights between themselves. lot of people with no experience that are even running a region.lots of face changes 1 person joins and 3 others leave. shops and service is like TPB movies. they use saving share holders inter...

Service Manager (Vaughan, ON)

le 17 juin 2021
this is not a company that it was before ethics are not existed at all there. specially GTA operation is more comic. I really suggest to go and see how crazy things are a big revolving door.it was an eye opening experience for me that made me even change from this industry. branch managers and higher management are in constant fight with each other each will have their own crew and you are at ...
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