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Regional Service Manager (Milton, ON)

le 10 septembre 2021
After putting in years of service, and dedicating my life to work, they disowned me and left me high and dry. I would not wish my worst enemy a job at this horrendous place. They have no care for their employees and they could care less if you have cancer or if you have a new baby, it is all about the business. No care for the welfare of their people.

Regional Manager (Montreal, QC)

le 26 novembre 2019
The rental business is unique. its fast paced but very interesting and you get to meet lots of people. dealing with renting equipment is also fulfilling as you get to help your customers get their job done.

regional service manager (Ottawa, ON)

le 11 novembre 2019
Have works at battlefield for over 16 years now and still loving my job. great place to work and with lots of great people. always something interesting going to make your day go by fast.

Regional Service manager (London, ON)

le 1 septembre 2016
the day starts off with a review & general check over of your work station. you then learn what went on & what must be accomplished during the work day you are about to begin. Management works with staff , directs as required. Co-workers are able to interact during breaks & lunches , as well any time during the day for assistance. the hardest , or changeling part of the day is looking after cu...
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