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une bonne école si vous voulez travailler comme des fous.
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Horrible first job

It was my first job and they took advantage of me they didn’t follow a doctors note that my doctor have them for a injury I had and were setting impossible expectations for people to meet

Points positifs

Get pizza on candle day

Points négatifs

Bad management
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Great place to work

Value Based and fun environment to work in however company needs to focus on management work/life balance more. Discount is great and love when new product is launched.
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such a fun environment i love it so much i totally recommend working here. it’s super fun meeting new people and helping them find what they need but also trying products out yourself. also fun recommending your favs to people
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annoying and demanding

backrooms arent organized, everything is messy, management is rude and micromanages everyone, sales expectations are insane and they force you to be as annoying as possible to all customers. job isnt really fulfilling. boring, min wage.
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Fun place to work

It was fun, time passed super fast. I didn't like that you don't feel like in a family or that you belong, too much rotation. To much seasonal hirings.

Points positifs

Good salary, fun

Points négatifs

Doesn't feel part of it, not enough hours
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Fun workplace

Fun workplaceRoom for growth Fast paced environment Great management depending storeLong shifts could have better work life balance Great discount perks
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Amazing staff, good pay, overall amazing.

I unfortunately had to resign due to medical reasons, but bath and body works was an amazing place to work. Management was amazing, good hours, Christmas season gets busy but days go by fast. I highly recommend it to everyone.
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Depends on management

When I was first hired, management was great! They scheduled accordingly and were very accommodating. Also great communication and delegation of work throughout the team. Even the managers were doing tasks alongside the staff. But when new management came in, they were extremely lazy. Scheduled shifts in order for them to go home early. There were multiple times were the store was chaotic, both with staff and customers and the store manager thought it was best they ended their day early instead of helping out. Management would often complain about staff working too slow, while they are in the back room watching Netflix or texting on their phone. When I first got hired we had the same staff for about 4-5 years. New management made turnover extremely high… I quit after management got upset I couldn’t attend a shift, even though we communicated my availability months in advance. Thank goodness I still had our communication.

Points positifs

- gratis (free products to try out and get familiar with) - good if you’re in school

Points négatifs

- no room for advancement - pay could be much better - no space to put your belongings
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Ok for seasonal but don’t expect to progress. You’ll get worked to the point of burn out over the holidays and then cut to nothing in the new year/rest of year.
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Do not work in this place

very bad organization the managers do not do their job they are very rude in. The interview they promised me 20 to 25 hours is not true they not given you the hours you ask and they give the privilege to the people from here and not to the immigrants they are very unfair with the hours they only give one day every month for only three hours and they really want a serious job and that people are responsible
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it was a great place to work even if it was seasonal. You meet great people the workers were productive and the managers were excellent it was a great place to work even if
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Ok first job

Overly competitive management pushed too hard for kids working minimum wage. Expects us to meet sales every hour but we get no bonuses for our hard work selling. Too much effort to sell fragrances and candles. Give me a break.
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Don't care about employees

They pick favourites and then that's it, you get no shifts and the others get them all, they won't let you move around from mercy to cash to sales, they make excuses for why you don't get shifts when you flat out say you are flexible and willing to do anything. They lie about keeping others after seasonal and it's very cliquey.

Points positifs

smells good, lots of gratis

Points négatifs

everything in my review lol
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a great place to learn and gain some new skills

My time at Bath and Body Works was very fun with the number of people I got to meet and connect with. Pros:- Great Management (Very vocal and understanding about whatever situation you're in and if something comes up they'll help you improve you not as an employee but, also as a person- Workplace Culture is amazing and every day was something new and funCons: - If you're on your break you gotta run to the food court if you forgot your lunch, but that's pretty much it
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Productive, Fast Past environment

highly productive to keep busy, great if you are a multitasker and like to keep organized. Great SLT's helpful, friendly, and straightforward. The ladies are great to work with, it is a bright, cheerful, and happy environment. BBW works well with schedules, if you are a parent they will try their best to work around your needs and schedule. BBW provides services such as mental health, financial, counseling, and or if you have any concerns HR Services. The managers are great, understanding, and easy to talk to. They don't discriminate. It has been a pleasure working here :)

Points positifs

Employee Discount of 40% of product
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Productive and good workplace

Honestly like any retail job ever, wasn’t too bad but also was not the best. Good for if you’re looking for a side hustle, pay is usually a bit above minimum wage.
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Good place

A good place to work. nice people. The pay is good. Always a fun place to be and a great way to learn fast-paced sales. Management is very understanding and fun to be around.
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Don’t work here if you want to pay bills and eat!

My time working here was a colossal waste of time. i ended up leaving after two months when I would get scheduled and sent home after 2 or 3 hours. I worked 3 times a week in the beginning then they suddenly cut me to once a week! The managers would spend more than half the time bossing you around and telling you what you were doing wrong. Don’t bother giving your two weeks notice because they’ll just cut your shifts shorter and expect you to work harder because you are on your way out. My advice is quit suddenly or stop showing up. Or better yet: don’t even apply here if you want to eat or pay your rent. You’ll get maybe $200 a month if you’re lucky.
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Fun workplace

Fun place to work at, can be intense at times and management will not allow you to go home for Christmas even though you’re a student and haven’t seen your parents in months. A good job, but no work-life balance.
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Super Fun Workplace

Midtown location. Super fun job for a high school student or for your first few years university. Near minimum wage, but never stressful, always very flexible. There is always something you can do if you're easily bored. Great management, fun team, mostly nice customers. Don't expect to make millions, but if you work hard and have a positive attitude, they'll give you plenty of shifts and it's a lot fo fun.
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