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Le salaire est bon mais il est difficile de monter de poste, il y a des gratis pour essayer les produits et les valeurs de la compagnie sont mis toujours mis en avant
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Great place to work for part time workers

Great part time work, can be stressful on busier days but for the most part quite laid back. Worked for 2 different location and management was tolerable in both. Pay is a little low for the stocking position but not a major downfall

Points positifs

Free products
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Supportive and friendly work environment

Loved working here! I worked for 2 years as a sales associate and loved the people I worked with and the job is fairly straight forward and very fun on the days we get shipment haha.
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Fun but tough

Meeting sales targets was all they talked about. Had fun but it was clouded by the constant pushy selling techniques. Managers were good but seemed stretched thin.
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So Fun!

I loved working here..The management was so great.. I would have stayed longer if the hours were full time. Lots of perks and a fun environment I would recommend working here
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Limited hours and growth opportunities

Some weeks would only receive one three hour shift. Definitely felt like a cliquey environment. Gratis was a nice bonus but I will not be reapplying .
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Toxic management and complete over working

I was constantly berated at this job and would get yelled at for asking simple questions like where to find a product in the stock room. Bathroom breaks were monitored, interactions with customers were timed and tracked and if we didn't reengage with someone every 30 seconds we were in trouble. Had to ask for emails a minimum of 3 times at check out or we wouldn't be allowed to work cash.
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Good, if you’re not looking for hours

Very fun place to work with great management and uplifting work environment. But scheduling is very messy and if you get hired as seasonal, don’t expect to get hours. Otherwise, it’s a great place to work.
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Salaire compétitif

La remuneration est très intéressante.Ça bouge beaucoup

Points positifs

Salaire competitif

Points négatifs

Horaire de travail
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good products for customers, toxic environment to work in

What is the best part of working at the company?Customer service, good products What is the most stressful part about working at the company?there are no clear instructions or protocols in the store, many people giving contrary orders. The manager is very toxic and stressfulWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?there is no teamwork, no solidarity, toxic and stressful environmentWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?relationship with customers, sales, but there are no specific roles in the store, the instructions of what you should do change all the time, many people supervising but they know nothing and they do not help or guide
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Productive, super fun job

I worked here during the holidays in 2020. Incredibly fun job, and surprisingly not stressful.Apart from 1 manager (who no longer works there) I’d have 0 complaints.Co-workers we’re great, customers were almost all great, and everything else was pretty standard.Hours were decent, for a then 16-year-old, but not enough to rely on by any means.Luckily, since covid left, there isn’t anybody who has the stand at the exit and count how many people leave.Also, working here during the holidays is a blessing and a curse because if I hear “All I Want For Christmas” just one more time, it’s over for everyone.

Points positifs

Awesome co-workers!

Points négatifs

Sometimes there’s teaming.
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Productive and fun

Working as a Sales Associate at Bath and Body Works was an incredibly rewarding experience. The atmosphere was vibrant, and I had the opportunity to engage with customers seeking quality products and memorable experiences. The training provided a solid foundation for understanding the products and allowed me to assist customers effectively. The team was supportive and collaborative, fostering a positive work environment. The only challenge I encountered was managing busy periods, especially during holidays, which could be demanding. Overall, Bath and Body Works is a great place to work, especially for those passionate about beauty and customer service.
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Fun but no shifts

If you're working seasonal they hire so many people, good luck getting more than 2-3, 4h shifts a week. You'll earn about 150$ a week, maybe. Not worth.
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Fast paced but fun

It can be really fast-paced, especially on candle day or even just doing replen. But everyone on the team is nice and always willing to help or answer questions.
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Great Pay But Lacking Hours

I love my job but it is not a job that can pay the bills. Nov-Dec and June are really the only months where you can get hours unless you’re a manager.

Points positifs

Good Employee Discount

Points négatifs

Not Enough Hours, No Benefits
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No Stability and Expect You To Drop

The team was absolutely fantastic and I had a lot of great fun with them, but there is lots of funny stuff going on behind the scenes. Don’t expect consistency with your hours and expect to get call ins as a part of your weekly routine. Impossible to actually plan anything or have a life of any kind when you aren’t sure if today is the day you will get the call. You also only got your schedule 6 days in advance… sometimes less. The Employee Discount is a joke. 9/10 customers get the same deal as you do. The monthly gratis is nice but I found most of the time I did not even want it. If you are a high schooler looking for the extra cash or retired looking for something to do I think this is a really good job but for anyone else, go somewhere else. Not worth the hassle.

Points positifs

Fun team, free products

Points négatifs

No consistency with hours, no work life balance
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Fun environment but favouritism

Super fun environment, really fast paced but engaging job - especially if you love customer service and you’re outgoing. Managers tend to pick favourites though and give those they like better more hours just based off their preference not the employees skill
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It is a continuous source of energy, motivation, and gratitude, making it an exceptional place to work.

What is the best part of working at the company?I have a deep appreciation for the company's policy and the strategies they employ, which have kindled my passion for this industry. I find myself consistently amazed by each product they launch, as well as their creative and authentic approaches to retaining customers. In my 1.5 years at BBB, I've never experienced a dull moment in this journey."What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Truth be told, I have an exceptional team, and I haven't experienced a single moment of stress.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It's extremely positive, inclusive, and supportive, creating a generally pleasant atmosphere.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Putting on my apron instantly fuels my enthusiasm. A quick chat with a teammate keeps me informed about the day's targets and goals. With their constant support, I tackle my tasks and aim to surpass expectations. The end of the shift never comes soon enough, and their attitude, always brimming with appreciation, sets the stage for our ongoing success story. They infuse vitality into our workplace, making it a truly captivating and delightful environment to be a part of.
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Fun workplace

Good place to work for. Fair company. The most enjoyable part of the job is the people. The hardest part is not many hours. They can call you in and ask to stay late but won't schedule you for x amount of hours
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Fun and enjoyable place to work but not many hours

I love working at BBW. The training and management is good, everyone was very helpful and patience during the learning process. Discounts and salary is very good. However, if you're looking for consistent weekly shifts outside of the holiday season you won't find that here. It is very difficult to support yourself year round only working here so if the goal is to make as much money as possible consistently you won't find that unless you are management or a higher up.
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A fun and enjoyable experience

The colleagues at Bath & Body Works are really helpful and heart-warming. My supervisors always encouraged me whenever I did something good and helped me to deal with different problems. They are being so supportive.

Points positifs

The colleagues are supportive

Points négatifs

Location is a bit far
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