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They gave a scenario about a difficult costumer and asked how you would approach the situation to resolve the issue
Réponse du 19 octobre 2017
I truly believe it depends on the location. I have personally worked at 3 locations. yes some stores are groupy others aren't. Same with management
Réponse du 26 avril 2017
Be friendly, be yourself, have a confident attitude.
Réponse du 29 décembre 2020
Pushing to make sales for every shift you work for.
Réponse du 2 juin 2019
Very helpful
Réponse du 14 novembre 2018
I got hired extremely quickly for them as a Christmas seasonal associate and then was kept after the winter season was over. They called me the same day I sent in my application and I was hired right at the group interview days later.
Réponse du 4 avril 2017
Réponse du 7 juillet 2019
theres no benefits
Réponse du 1 janvier 2019
If they like you you get hours if they don’t, if your new, or if you aren’t said at cash for helping customers you get about 2 3hr shifts a week.
Réponse du 7 février 2018
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