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Stocking Associate14 avis
Canada14 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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generous employee discount

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It is fun place to work. Management is reasonable and sensible, crew are nice and kind. There could be a huge gap when it comes to getting shifts, busy season you work a lot, slow season you might need a second job to pay the bill.....
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I wouldn’t advise working here, very stressful

This place was very stressful as a stock associate. You have to work very fast and they’re always understaffed. They don’t give you many shifts or hours. The managers are mean and passive aggressive to employees. Your workload is a lot considering the time you have to complete it by. You also have to complete an assessment after each shift and this is for minimum wage. The dress code is very strict and not comfortable to work in. There are many colours and shades and styles you cannot wear. Overall I had to leave after a month due to lack of shifts and poor management. I wish I spoke up for myself more and didn’t get treated horribly.
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Good management

Banana has a pretty generous employee discount, and managing or switching shifts is fairly easy. Of course retail pays poorly throughout all companies, but Banana has a reasonable work level expectation.
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Low paid, stressful, toxic atmosphere

It was ok when I just started but with the new management I ve started to notice that non Canadian born treated differently. Management was laughing that I have an accent or simply told I don't understand. Not enough hours. Only who is liked by the gm at Bayview mall is getting hours the rest few hours a week and they ve been cutting it constantly.managers could allow to shout or treat u with disrespect. I ve contacted hr but they didn't do anything.
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Stock & Sales Associate

> Worked on stock team during early hours before mall opening, on overnight shifts, and in sales. > Collaborated with team leaders over multiple overnights, executing store-wide planograms for collection rollouts and designer events.

Points négatifs

A lot of lifting
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fun place to work at

start times are 7am to help with cleaning up the store from the night before and shipments. there are also overnight shifts every month to help with placing new product onto the floor. mostly students working so managers are very flexible with booking days off for school and such.

Points positifs

flexible schedule

Points négatifs

short shifts (4.5 hours)
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

11 juin 2019
We're always looking for great people to join our team across the family of brands. Thanks for sharing!


not bad, good discount for employees and also can get a discount from Gap, and Old navy. they can provide you membership card thing, so you can get a discount anywhere in Canada
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Great working environment, excellent employee discount

Managers were fair, gave adequate hours and consistently did their best to help employees become better at their jobs. The employees working there are incredibly friendly and made everyone feel welcome. In addition to the people, the employee discount was fantastic.

Points positifs

Work Environment, employee discount

Points négatifs

Commute time
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

25 septembre 2018
Thanks for sharing your experience on our team in Toronto, ON! We work hard to create a culture where everyone feels welcomed and supported. We love hearing that your experience reflected this.

Some of the people aren't nice

I did the best I could however some people weren't very nice despite all the efforts I did. The long hours standing were hard on my back and feet. The management weren't consistent & sometimes they didn't like to give breaks even when it was in fact company policy, the people from head office came in to talk to everyone to ask them questions about the breaks we weren't getting. Everyone thought the person got fired but turns out we were all wrong, because she came back a few weeks later working like nothing happened.

Points négatifs

Standing all day isn't for me
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Productive and fast paced

Great team, good management. Creative and fast paced work environment. Helpful team. Meeting new people and interacting with different cultures is the most fun part of the job. Diverse work environment. Contributes to over a growth and leadership skills.
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Retail 101

Banana Republic is like any other retailer. Nothing special. It is all about making the day's quota and selling as much merchandise as possible. It can be exhausting.
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Productive and Fun

Really great place to work. A lot of time was spent given formal training at the begging of the period. The managers were amazing and really on top of their game.
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Fast paced environment with many talented individuals.

I mainly work at Banana Republic Factory Store to process their shipments. This means that I would work at night when the store is closed and occasionally work overnights if there was a lot of shipment to receive. I also work early mornings to place products out and replace any products that were sold the previous days. My co-workers are great, and fun to talk to. The hardest part of the job was accepting that I wouldn't get many shifts since I was a stock associate.

Points positifs

Generous employee discount.

Points négatifs

Not many hours given for many employees.
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Banana Republic (Bay/ Bloor)

Overall it was good work experience. Co-workers were friendly and if you enjoy working with customers it was very positive. Very high paced. At least five hours straight of being on your feet and moving. It was nice learning what it takes to run a retail store efficiently. Great job for students.Negatives (my experience of course)Some managers seemed inexperienced. For instance, when I asked questions as a new employee, sometimes they were not sure and unorganized. Pay was minimum wage unless you were in upper management.

Points positifs

50% discount on clothes
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Stocking Associate chez Banana Republic

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15,74 $ par heure

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