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Cashier/Sales30 avis
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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productivity, sometimes fun, they expectations of sales.

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I really have experience and sales.I being respectfully, with co-work and that company, but " The managers take customers from the sales associate it supposted said help as a team" when it should respectfully with they employees, and service to the customer Some time fun. They don't like chatting with employees, after a year and Three month increased hourly 49cent. Is ok

Points positifs

Free coffee, and tea

Points négatifs

Short breaks.
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Productive and lots of customer service required.

Seasonal staff should have the opportunity to work after the holidays. Part-time hours should be important to the company when hiring.I was not impressed by how they treat staff. Management needs to have better interaction with their part/full workers.
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Overall Work Experience

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Banana Republic. The managers and coworkers were, and I did learn a lot from working there.I learned how to fold clothes and learn about clothing sizes and fitting people.I even learned how to complete, package and ship online orders.The work environment was enjoyable. One time when I had to find items for a guest, I ended up not finding them even though our computers had the inventory count as 1. It was improved when they introduced a new inventory tracking system to make it easier to see and know the inventory of different locations.Another thing I did not like was the layout of the registers. I know the company wanted a business hotel-like experience, but it needs a redesign.In the end, I had more pros than cons in my experience, and will not know what everyone else thought.
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Fun, Hardworking and Genuine Experience

Working with the BR family has been so refreshing! The management truly cares about everyone's work style being versatile by being multitaskers and giving everyone a fair shot at working the various jobs around the store such as: cashier, selling, fitting rooms, backstock, etc. The staff is very friendly and helpful and it makes the day go by faster especially while keeping up with the standards of the store. It may feel intimidating but always ask questions! It's better to ask to get the correct answer than to assume something and have a chance of being wrong.Scheduling would be the con of the store only because of the inequality in hours and shifts given to people. There isn't much of a rotation; mainly the same people working weekly rather than switching up the team each week to allow everyone a fair opportunity to make money and get experience.

Points positifs

Working Environment

Points négatifs

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Productive and fun workplace

•Checked prices for customers and processed items sold by scanning barcodes.•Helped customers complete purchases, locate items and join reward programs to promote loyalty, satisfaction and sales numbers.•Restocked, arranged and organized merchandise in front lanes to drive product sales.•Assisted customers with special services, account updates and promotional options.•Assisted customers by answering questions and fulfilling requests.

Points positifs

fun staff

Points négatifs

Long Hours
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Relaxed place to work and a very nice manager

Really nice place to start working in sales, it is very relaxed and slow paced. I got a chance to work in public and work with co-workers. I got a few days of training to get to know the store and the staff.
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The GM in this store she is good, cooperative and the best GM I ever had. This is a good company to work with if you’re looking for a part-time job. Don’t go for overnight shifts if you’re a student otherwise it’s good.
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Its amazing

They provide seasonal job so we can't completely rely on it. The working environment is amazing Friendly staffs Amazing management Good environment .
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Nice experience

Typical day at work: handing out coupons, folding clothes, helping customers, cashing, doing returns. Learnt cashier skills and how to better help customers. Enjoyable place to work.
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Nice place to work

I had fun working at Banana Republic! It was my first job in retail, and I learnt a lot about fashion through working with them. The managers made an active effort to scout out talent and give opportunities for development.

Points positifs

very supportive management
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

7 février 2019
We're so happy to learn of your experience. There's a reason why we have so many employees who have been with the company for so long. In fact, some of our longest-tenured leaders got their start in fashion in one of our stores!

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Too stressful

The environment , costumers and other staff are friendly EXCEPT managers!! There are 3 managers that aren’t really organized, and one of them is TOO pushy, blamer and manipulative that even blames you for you clothes being “TOO NICE FOR WORKPLACE!!!! “The employee discount is the only reason I’m working for them.

Points positifs

Great colleagues, great employee discount

Points négatifs

Terrible managers
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Banana Republic Review

Banana Republic was my first retail job and it showed me the importance of being a productive worker that is engaging with guests and aware of all the aspects of the job.
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Fun place to work, good for part-timers, management could be rude at times

Great benefits and employee discounts, co-workers were great, management was rude at times. I had fun working here for the time-being i was there, but i cannot picture myself working here longterm. They hardly give hours.

Points positifs

fun co-workers, employee discount at gap, old navy, athlete, etc

Points négatifs

short hours, rude managers
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fun place to work with fun people

working for this company was really fun and exciting but it got challenging when the managers got replaced because many people did not like the changes that came with having new management.

Points positifs

fun people

Points négatifs

potential long hours
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Amazing team-oriented staff and management

From Banana Republic, I've learned so much about professionalism and transferrable skills important for every job on the Market. Working here has me to believe I am confident in my customer service skills on a business level. I wouldn't say there is a difficult part of the job, although there are times when many guests require assistance. However, since I am a tenured associate, I am confident that I can take care of such tasks. The most enjoyable part of the job would be to have such positive team members, including the managers which do not define their positions to the associates that are beneath them.

Points positifs

Positive Vibe

Points négatifs

4-hour shifts
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great place to work at. staff are mostly friendly and the managers are very understanding and helpful. Very busy in the holidays seasons. often have food in the staff room available for everyone to eat.
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Good staff and environment of work

Nice staff. Good environment work. Good moments at work. Very helpful Management staff helping employees to built skills and helping customers at same time.
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Stern workplace

I enjoyed my time here surrounded by fun loving co-workers; however, management was overly controlling and made the environment somewhat uncomfortable.
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learn about teamwork, working together and helping each other

I learnt about how good teamworks can be done effectively by working together and helping each other. Fun, sociable environment but professional workplace
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Fun casual environement

Nice work environment, friendly and provide great service to customers. Create great loyal customers. Very flexible when taking off and switching shifts with staff.

Points positifs

free lunch on holidays
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loved working here

low pay , no commission, usually send u home if its not busy, waste of time coming to work, management is very good but clique"
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