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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great Place to work at, people were very friendly (Sherway Gardens Location)

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Great staff and Management, customers/clientele is fancier so must dress appropriately for work. Overall good experience to understand sales from a part timer perspective and with the right degrees there are opportunities to advance within the company.

Points positifs

Free Lunch (on holidays or busier sale days), acknowledge sales achievements with gifts (ie; Starbucks gift care), staff and management are friendly and approachable

Points négatifs

Part time hours are spotty, they won’t fire you just stop giving you hours, opppurtunities to grow but only for those with degrees in the respective fields (marketing, business, management, etc.)
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Low Pay, high Pressure to meet sales.

Good work place to meet friends and people starting their careers.Pay is low and high pressure situation does not incentivize working here past university.
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Pretty fun and positive environment to work

I worked at the Bloor location. management was great! Always helpful and motivating. however, no room for improvement and hours were not stable.good if you are looking for something temporary.
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Easy and fun. sometimes slow, but bearable.

Honestly, it wasn't bad. Interview process was easy and simple. Coworkers and managers were great. I was hired late spring, so it was starting to get busier, which was perfect for me. I wasn't a fan of the slow days, but coworkers made it bearable.
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no room to grow, no benefits, empty promises

was hired to work as a seasonal sales associate and the regular staff boast about being a “hip company”, spent the interview showing us Banana Republic ads to spread propaganda that makes it seem like they adore new hires, but in actuality, they just put up with new hires for the time being, then fire them later on. The store has favourites, and if you're a new hire expect that they won't give you more than 4 to 8 hours a week and reject any shifts you attempt to pick up. It's kinda sad because I was really excited when I was hired at first.

Points positifs

staff are kind, but it's probably just a front.

Points négatifs

no room to advance, white-lies, no benefits
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  • Environnement favorable
  • Absence de stress
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle

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  • Sentiment d'appartenance

Try hard

It’s a very disorganized place to work. I find that it’s very “he said she said” or “do as I say, not as I do” type of place. no one has any kind of communication, especially in management. They do try and make you feel heard and be there for you have you’re having personal difficulties, but other than that there’s no real training. It isn’t a hard place to work, but it would be nice if there was one line of communication.

Points positifs

Everyone is very nice and supportive

Points négatifs

They hire literally anything that moves.
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Awesome place to work, great team environment

Banana Republic provided me with some of the best memories of a job experience that I've ever had. The staff were always friendly, management was always pushing us to do our best despite being super laid back and kind, and the shifts were flexible and the location was wonderful.
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Production and new learning experience

- You got to know your information about the clothing wear tiptop - You got to wear formals especially black -If customers ask for the stock in different sizes got to get device for availability in size and colour

Points positifs

flexable hours

Points négatifs

fast paced
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Fun place to work really flexible hours.

The atmosphere in work place can be really good or really bad depending on the co-worker. For me it was a great first job opportunity. It would be great to have commission for sales. Overall experience It was good.
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They think the store is more important than what it actually is and as if our whole lives are depended on the store. It is not. We are highly underpaid for what we do.
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No hours for part time workers

The management at the outlet store in Edmonton are a disgrace. Lazy ignorant people . No hours for Brand Ambassadors because there’s too many managers
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Banana Republic is a great place to work if you are into higher-end fashion. If you know a lot about fabrics, materials, styles and cuts then working here would be great for you. If you do not fit that criteria then Banana Republic might not be the best place for you. Management as well as co-workers can be quite pretentious at times which can make you feel out of place if you do not fit that certain criteria. Pros 50% entire store Cons Environment
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Great company to work for

Very supportive and understand team. Always open to suggestion and always looking to improve. Will provide support and assistance to those in need. Love the atmosphere.
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Lively and fun work environment. Great staff. Great customers.

Learned to multi-task while providing excellent customer service. The most enjoyable part of the job was having the ability to help customers on a daily basis!
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Fun place

Dressing up every day was exciting initially, then it got tiring especially when you're running late. It's a lot of running around the store and a really fast-paced environment. If you look good you feel good because the store maintains a standard and you feel like you fit in. Management was really sweet but I left because I felt like they were changing the rules every day. For example, when I joined I was told if I call in sick within one hour of my shift it'll be considered a no-show. Later on, they changed it to call in on the day of the shift and three no-shows result to termination... I feel like that's kind of inconsiderate on the management's part because most of their employees are students and have to balance both work and school. Otherwise, it's a fun experience honestly.

Points positifs

pot lucks; discounts; short hours

Points négatifs

not enough hours; poor management;
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

4 avril 2019
Thank you for taking the time to write a thorough and thoughtful review. We take this feedback to heart and share it with relevant teams that work to drive positive change across the organization.

interacting and problem solving with customers

every day was different, and very involving. Communicating with customers on the newest trends available, what looks best on them, and trying to up sell everything along with helping the customer achieve self motivating experiences.

Points positifs

learning new styles

Points négatifs

standing all day
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

18 janvier 2019
We love hearing about the experiences of our employees. Thanks for sharing what it is like to work on our team in Surry, BC.

Great co-workers, unqualified managers

Managers are not qualified enough to run a store and manage employees. Prioritize wrong things and are terrible with scheduling. Need to be more understanding of student's schedules and commitments.
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

19 novembre 2018
We’re sorry to hear this. We have always believed, since the very beginning of our company, that Gap Inc. should be a place where all of our employees should feel welcome and supported. We work hard to activate this mission in real and tangible ways across our organization, every day.

Banana Republic

Not my favourite place to work. The customers and employees were not pleasant. Managers had favourites and customers were extremely disrespectful. Happy for the experience. Learned alot of patience.
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

6 novembre 2018
We are sorry to hear this. We offer comprehensive resources for our associates and our managers to help them succeed in their particular roles, and ensure that they’re supporting their team.

fun work environment

associates were nice and friendly management team changes frequently work culture is good customer focused only thing I didn't like was the over night shift

Points positifs


Points négatifs

some over night shift
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not enjoyable

this was not my first retail job and i can say i did not enjoy working for banana republic. The management was simply poor. They were unprofessional, not kind nor kind towards their employees, and extremely unorganized. I felt as though all the new employees did not know what they were doing due to the lack of training and a gap between the new employees and the old employees was created.
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Réponse officielle de Banana Republic

21 août 2018
We're sorry to hear of your experience at our store in Ottawa. We recognize that our leaders play a significant role in our employees' experience and we will continue to implement tools and resources for our managers to help them support their teams.

Productive place

Fun environment & helps you develop interpersonal skills. Meeting new people is great and having customer relationships make it more fun to do your job.
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