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Banana Republic demande un effort de travail en qualité de vente et de services à la clientèle
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Working as a Sales Associate at Banana Republic has been a rewarding experience, offering both professional growth and a supportive work environment .Employee Discounts: One of the standout benefits is the generous employee discount, which applies not only to Banana Republic but also to other brands under the Gap Inc. umbrella. This makes it easy to stay stylish and well-dressed on a budget.Professional Development: The company places a strong emphasis on training and development. Regular training sessions and workshops are provided, helping associates to enhance their product knowledge and sales skills. This is particularly beneficial for those looking to advance in retail or transition into other areas of fashion.
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Slow pace, Not very fun

It was usually very slow when I worked, but usually it would pick up towards the weekends and it would get busy. Coworkers were friendly, but not very talkative towards me only other workers. We were sometimes understaffed as well. The managers there were lovely and probably my favorite thing about the job. It’s a nice first time job if you don’t mind being very busy, but also don’t mind being very bored most days.
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È duro il lavoro e loStipendio è troppo basso purtroppo.. bisognerebbe avere più personale così da poter dividere ecquamente il lavoro di ogni giorno.
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Good for work experience

It's a good starting role in terms as recognition in the retail compared to other brands. Very relaxed environment. After you get some experience you need to move on.
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Great employee discount!

Great discount! 50% off at banana Republic and 30 at gap and old navy. 30 off sales items as well. You have a quota but no commission. Basically they cut your hours if you don't reach the quota.
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Still there - don't plan on leaving

perfect job for current students! managers are all so amazing - and care about helping you succeed. customers are mostly nice - and it is pretty easy to figure out the knicks and cracks of the job.
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ok job

working here was fine. the management was fine. everything was fine. but the management does not communicate with you at all. they just expect you to be good at your job with no direction.
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High expectations, great co workers

Beautiful place to work and the staff felt like family. Manager's can be bossy, but they mean well. If you are outgoing and social this is a great place for you because many people like to chat.
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Vending machines outside, break room

A typical day at Banana, I clocked in and ask my managers what would they like me to do. I have learned maintenance, folding clothes, back warehouse, recovery.. The most enjoyable part of the job was hot cheetos from the vending machine outside.

Points positifs

break room

Points négatifs

vending machine prices
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Failed Promise

They promised five new hired for part time and gave us maximum 8 hours a week or as low as 4. There is no potential working unless you really love selling clothes.
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fun workplace

Fun place to work at and very flexible schedule. but would often just stand around and fix clothes because there was nothing to do and barely any customers would walk in
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Fun and Great people

Everyone is so nice at this location! I super love working at Banana Republic. Only disappointment is they don't actually sell bananas (haha! That was a joke).
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cool place to work with low pay

Everyone is nice though they will try to take your customer. also people who are not on management team will be working part time so the company doesn't pay for anything else but the minimum pay.
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Work here in my teens, it was a fun place to work. The only issue was being pushed to sign customers up for credit cards. The benefits were great.....
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Good environment.

If you do what is expected and you won't have any issues whatsoever. Coworkers are nice, and so is management. There's always something to do, and they are flexible as well.
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It's reliable when it happens.

What is the best part of working at the company?The hourly rate is great, and the music is rather fun. There's also fairly standard higher quality in the customer interactions. They also offer some great part time benefits. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Inconsistent hours, burnt out long term management, drab dress code, imbalance in the distribution of labor, tasks, and training. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Playful with intermittent toxicity with equitable respect for diversity. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Long, with conversation, lots of yakking and watching lesser unmotivated employees meander about whilst a minority shoulders the burden of actual work
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love been there

todos son amigables. trabajamos en equipo. horarios flexibles
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Fun and Engaging

Fun and engaging job. Learned lots while working there and enjoyed the interaction gained from working with the team and customers. Could be fast paced at time but not too bad.
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Great company

Great hours Excellenr communication with the team and managmentAwesome app to check schedule, swith days or shifts with coworkes or give your shift away
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Just Alright

Job is okay. Typical retail. Management is pretty nice. Customers are pretty stuck up and cold most of the time. Job can become very tiring and draining to your mental health.
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