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Banana Republic demande un effort de travail en qualité de vente et de services à la clientèle
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Overall Work Experience

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Banana Republic. The managers and coworkers were, and I did learn a lot from working there.I learned how to fold clothes and learn about clothing sizes and fitting people.I even learned how to complete, package and ship online orders.The work environment was enjoyable. One time when I had to find items for a guest, I ended up not finding them even though our computers had the inventory count as 1. It was improved when they introduced a new inventory tracking system to make it easier to see and know the inventory of different locations.Another thing I did not like was the layout of the registers. I know the company wanted a business hotel-like experience, but it needs a redesign.In the end, I had more pros than cons in my experience, and will not know what everyone else thought.
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Good vibes

I enjoyed the workplace. It really depends who your co workers are. Busy during the holidays. Decent hours, decent pay. Good part time job for money and sales experience.
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Fast pace environment, friendly staff

overall a good place to work, it is competitive to meet sales but what retail store isnt like this? fair discount but no benefits for part timers. everyone is very friendly and supportive!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

no sales = no hours
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Great team and group dynamic. Can get busy, usually on feet and talking to customers. Management understanding with vacation and days off. Supportive to your learning
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Work if you want to be thrown in there

Management needs improvement as they love to throw you in there without any formal training. Especially on my first day, let alone my first job. Would not recommend this job to anyone.
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Solid job. I clock in meet my fellow coworkers. They're all very nice. The workplace culture is great. I learned excellent communication and teamwork skills
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Ok place to work but management is terrible

All employees were amazing and wonderful people and its a lovely place to work however management is terrible. Work schedules are all over the place and offer no stability or ability to plan your life and the managers micromanage. They listen to every conversation you have with people and make assumptions instead of asking and are very condescending. If you don't know something about a product they tell you that you should have done your research and make you feel terrible instead of helping you and advancing your understanding.
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A pretty good place to work at

only worked there for like a month so I don't really have much of experience. In general, it's a good company to work at for part-time position, they have really good discount for employees.
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Decent first job

Well, typical retail job, your experience is directly related to your team and management. My team was great for the most part. However, management.., was okay at best. They were very micromanaging, expected us all to work the same as if we are not unique people, and they were very snarky sometimes. I had issues with scheduling, it was outside my availability until I talked with them for the 3rd time and they adjusted it. The store was understaffed, we were all under a lot of pressure, especially close to the holiday season, and it was overall just chaotic and disorganized most days.

Points positifs

Good employee discount, fair breaks, collaborative team, fair pay (for entry level), fair hours

Points négatifs

Poor management, poor work-life balance, minimal subpar training
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Love the people I work with

I love the people I work with . There is so much support, coaching , understanding and team work ,it really is a great environment . Feel valued as a employee by management
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Pretty fun and positive environment to work

I worked at the Bloor location. management was great! Always helpful and motivating. however, no room for improvement and hours were not stable.good if you are looking for something temporary.
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Amazing management and colleagues

You will have the best time of your life here if you work with all your heart. They respect hard working people and keep on appreciating their work time to time
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Collaborative environment

I loved my colleagues! All of us worked together especially in hectic times like Christmas, Boxing Day , Black Friday. Good working environment, but management were not accommodating at times to employee requests.
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Best workplace I’ve ever had!

This was my first job ever, the training was amazing and the coworkers & management were always so nice and considerate and wanting to help teach you! An amazing place to work!!
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Good place to work

I was a customer service representative. A typical day at work would be meeting and greeting customers. The dress code is super strict tho, you can't wear any logos or shoes with logos, my only complain is most brands with good shoes have logos on them. If I have to stand on my feet for hours they should allow for more options to be chosen from. I want to be more comfortable.
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Good work environment

Great work environment and the experience is great. Training was easy and comfortable. Great management team and staff. Dress code is all black in a elevated business casual - formal. Dress nice for the interviews the process is very simple.
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Overall a good experience working there

When I was first hired the assistant managers in 2029 were rude to their employees but the new management is amazing. They treat employees fairly and it’s a healthy work environment overall. Sometimes employee don’t get the breaks they deserve but that happens rarely.

Points positifs

Employee discount

Points négatifs

Always busy
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Fun workplace but...

Friendly co-workers, very flexible and 50% discount on all Gap Inc. merchandise! Fast-paced but not too stressful except for one manager who makes the work environment uncomfortable... Micromanages and is very condescending.
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overall an okay place to work at

good place to work for student. management is okay but can get on your nerves, and there is not a lot of room for growth within the conpany. flexible hours!!
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Great place to work

The Windsor location is a great place to work! Management are all very supportive and care about staff. Would highly recommend that you apply and work for this location!
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