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Banana Republic demande un effort de travail en qualité de vente et de services à la clientèle
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Engaged with customers to understand their needs then provided recommendations and shopping assistants. Enjoyed the flexibility.maintained inventory accuracy
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Fast paced environment

Fast paced job, lots of friendly people and nice management. Its a great job for young people who are still in school. A lot of flexibility for students

Points positifs

Fun people

Points négatifs

High turn around
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Very good

What is the best part of working at the company?Flexibility, discounts, environment.What is the most stressful part about working at the company? leaders or Managers mesures how much do you take to do some assignments. This for me was very stressful. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?In general is good, but some managers are mean, For instance, the Banana Republic Manager at Chinook in Calgary is very mean and sometimes even say hi to others stores employees .What is a typical day like for you at the company?Always you would be busy. Many things to do e.g. folding, cleaning, etc
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Chill but unstable management

its pretty chill for what it is and the pay is good, but management is very unstable which is annoying. the discount is good and the staff is amazing
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generous employee discount

It is fun place to work. Management is reasonable and sensible, crew are nice and kind. There could be a huge gap when it comes to getting shifts, busy season you work a lot, slow season you might need a second job to pay the bill.....
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Fun Staff, usual retail job

The job expectations for customer service are higher compared to other store but otherwise, management is overall great and the staff are all fun and personable. Wages are minimum as expected but they consistently do yearly reviews for an increase. Managers are open and are available for negotiation if you have valid argument. Hours may be inconsistent due to previous month’s sales but they are flexible around your availability.
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It was a place

They were good..but it just lacked a certain something, I cant put my finger on it exactly but there was people and maniquins and you could sometimes get
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Fairly decent

Not that many hours. Need to work quite a while for people to actually be friendly. Overall okay experience to get into retail. No chance to grow though
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Cool place but not much to gain

The staff is mostly friendly. Most associates are in college or just finishing up. Hours are nearly non-existent and unreasonable. Growth opportunities are spoken about but nothing ever actually happens, regardless of your output. Odd favouritism in choosing for promotion and raises. Goals are given which are practically impossible to achieve given the hours you get and low customer count. Pay is not congruent with the amount of work done. Customers are usually decent depending on your attitude towards them as well. Although, some people will just give you issues regardless. Some immaturity within the management, gossipy toxic environment behind the scenes. Poor decisions have been made in the past which have caused chaos and stress among the regular associates.Discount was good, clothes are usually decent as well. Learned plenty about styling. No commission on sales, yet they are tracked and evaluated.If you’re in/going into college, this is a decent job that you can balance with it. Time off is given generously if you give adequate notice. If you’re in essentially any other circumstance, aside from having this job as a supplement to full-time, I cannot recommend working here long-term.

Points positifs

Discount, Mostly Nice People

Points négatifs

Inconsistent hours, low pay
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Pretty Chill

It was chill although I felt overwhelmed quite a few times. Most likely because it was my first job and I did not know what to expect. Learnt a lot though, very good experience!
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Great Place to work at, people were very friendly (Sherway Gardens Location)

Great staff and Management, customers/clientele is fancier so must dress appropriately for work. Overall good experience to understand sales from a part timer perspective and with the right degrees there are opportunities to advance within the company.

Points positifs

Free Lunch (on holidays or busier sale days), acknowledge sales achievements with gifts (ie; Starbucks gift care), staff and management are friendly and approachable

Points négatifs

Part time hours are spotty, they won’t fire you just stop giving you hours, opppurtunities to grow but only for those with degrees in the respective fields (marketing, business, management, etc.)
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Eaton center Women’s wear

Horrible management team, they have favoritism towards their certain employees. They always give false promises to employees and end up making excuses to make to your fault instead. Had a horrible experience with the general manager who’s not professional at all they always degrade you and take lots of work done from you and then shut you out.

Points positifs

Employee discount

Points négatifs

Not much hours, bullying in the work environment
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good place

a good place to start, a really great work-life balance , good pay structure. Fairly easy job, good co-workers, chances of moving up are good. definitely great for student jobs, as they are flexible with your schedule
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Easy to work

Not a lot of shifts and the manager only gave shifts to the newer hires and one supervisor undermined the workers but overall work is easy for minimum rate
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Horrible treatment

They are very demanding and judgemental. They used to give me just 3 hours per week, and because of thar, I had to look for another job and it was so difficult.
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I was not treated well by managers and many people complained about it and left but nothing was ever done. I had to leave because it was stressing me out a lot.
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Productive, fun and encouraging workspace

It's my first time working in retail. I learn something new everyday. Looking forward to all that is ahead. The team and work culture is positive and enables a growth mindset with great team effort to meet daily targets.
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Monotous enviroment but lovely co-workers

The duties are very repetitive and boring, you also listen to the same music every day. The managers don't try to spice things up. However, the other sales associates are very social, and helpful.
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Great Place to work in

The managers provide extensive training that really helps you be equipped with strong product knowledge. Styling fit sessions are done to help the stylists learn more about the fittings and the materials of items.Great team members. :)
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Great Clothing & Culture

Working at Banana Republic was my first job. The compensation was decent for the amount of work. Management was hit or miss and many left the store because of this.
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