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Behaviour Therapist (Ottawa, ON)
le 9 juillet 2021
Potential Physical harm and Poor management
Bairn Croft offers a lot of hours but the hourly wages is not worth the time or effort, especially in the more "physical" houses. Management is not great they do not take care of their staff as well as they should considering the circumstances.
Developmental Service Worker (Ottawa, ON)
le 24 août 2021
I enjoy my 9 years with this company
I have an amazing supervisor that makes all the difference. I feel appreciated and supported with anything I bring forward. I have no complaints. With the temporary wage enhancement the pay is decent. I have amazing work-life balance. I do reccomend this company and it's a great start in experience. I've been here 9 years and hope to be here many more.
Behavioural Counsellor (Ottawa)
le 28 juillet 2021
Great coworkers, awful management
Overall, the staff that work with you day to day are great. The hiring process and pay are okay. If you get stuck with a bad supervisor, good luck. Management does not look out for the frontline workers and often leaves them in complicated situations. We are often understaffed and lack basic supplies, which can leave staff in a very dangerous situation should a crisis arise.
Senior Resident Behavioral Counselor (Orléans, ON)
le 23 septembre 2020
Pros and Cons
Every Staff complained about the company because they were cheap, there was very little support, the houses were unmonitored and staff could get away with anything. Management could treat staff poorly and nothing would be done. But there were a lot of pros. We were paid well comparatively. There was room for advancement. There was as much overtime as you wanted. If you were lucky to be with a good team, it was fu . The work was rewarding when the team made efforts to focus on behavioural programs.
Group Leader (Orleans, ON)
le 29 mai 2020
It's a Job
Generally, the floor staff are pretty great. Due to several confidentiality agreements, you're never allowed to disclose parts of your job to people outside of the company, so your coworkers become your family away from home (most of the anxiety, disappointment and frustration still goes home with you tho, so it will still work its way into your personal life). Once you get beyond the supervisors though, don't bother. Management doesn't care one bit for their employees. You have to watch your back at every turn because you will be made to look foolish in front of your coworkers; you will be asked to do one thing then be chastised because they actually wanted something else; if you stand up for yourself or your coworkers you will be cut down faster than you can say 'boo'; When you're injured on shift (and it will happen), the management try to sweep the incident under the rug and minimize it so they don't have to support you in any way if you need it... When it comes to the clients, BCRS charges mad money but actually gives them little more than you would expect from a broke NPO. They make promises to the clients and don't follow through, often leading to the incidents that the front line workers then take the brunt of... In short, this is a FOR PROFIT company but the only people who don't profit are the frontline workers and, ironically, the clients. IMO, look elsewhere for even an entry-level position unless you like working hard while watching others muscle in and take your hours and leave you with more mess to clean up than the clients make.... or you are willing to give up your morals and dignity to kiss enough rear ends to get maybe one small step ahead only to have to repeat the entire process again.

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They asked a lot of situational problem solving questions.

Publié le 9 juillet 2021

Are you prepared to stay if your relief does not show up? You will get hurt. Do you understand? Some situational questions, what ifs. Do you have all your credentials?

Publié le 23 septembre 2020

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