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The world right now may be as unpredictable as a British summer, but at Aviva, our focus on providing peace of mind for more than 33 million customers has not wavered. We’re not just the UK’s largest insurer, or a FTSE 100 company. We’re a business made up of people who care about people. Who work tirelessly to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Insurance. It’s just a load of people in suits saying no. Right?

Wrong. Well, not at Aviva, anyway. We’re people with a purpose. People who get stuck in and make our work our own, so we can make an impact. We strive to be with you today, for a better tomorrow – whether you’re a customer or part of our team. We stand in our customers’ shoes – and in yours – so that everything we do is people-focused. We look for diverse people. We’re not big on dress codes. Wear what you want as long as you feel comfortable – and everyone else does. (Yes, that does mean birthday suits are out.) We give our people ownership. A chance to have a say. And we all actively seek out views that oppose our own. Life here means being part of something meaningful. Being proactive. Making important decisions. And managing the risks involved. It’s about redefining an industry. Rediscovering what you’re really about. And realising all of your potential. Every last bit of it.

107 Reasons to join Aviva


Before they get to know us, a lot of people think we’re going to be a stuffy insurance company. Cold and corporate. The reality is very different. We know that people do their best work when they feel relaxed. Empowered to be themselves. It enables us to do more for our clients. And we think it makes this is a very nice place to work. Put simply, we like people to be involved. So we have six global communities: • AvivAbility – developing a disability smart workplace, • Aviva Balance – supporting gender parity, • Aviva Carers – supporting carers and parents, • Aviva Generations – promoting an intergenerational workplace, • Aviva Origins – celebrating cultural difference; and, • Aviva Pride – being yourself at work.

Inclusion and Diversity

What we believe in

For some businesses, ‘values’ might just be a page on a website. But we live and breathe them. They make us better at helping our customers, and better at contributing to a sustainable future. We never rest - things can always be better and we know that. We fail fast and learn fast. We're all about challenging the status quo and harnessing cutting-edge technology. That's how we climb from strength to strength. We care more - our mission is always to do all we can for a customer when the unexpected happens. We do everything in our power to help. We call on the technology and collaboration that will give our customers the best result possible. We kill complexity - when things are simpler, life is easier. That's why we aim to keep things simple for our customers, so we can all focus on what matters. To cut through the red tape, to get straight to the point and to work towards a common goal, together. We create legacy - building a better and more sustainable future takes courageous investments. It takes thinking like an owner and taking responsibility. That's how, together, we do good work to be proud of, within the business and beyond.

Reward and benefits

The work you do here will make a real difference to your colleagues and customers alike. And we’ll recognise your contribution not only with a competitive salary, but also with a range of rewards that you can tailor to suit your personal needs and interests. my Aviva flex - our benefits can be flexed to suit you – we’ll then make the relevant monthly salary, NI and tax adjustments. Some benefits can be extended to your immediate family too. Pension - we offer a generous pension rate – the more you contribute, the more we’ll contribute. And you can change your contribution level at any time. Shares - with our Matching Share Plan scheme, you can buy Aviva shares out of your gross pay each month. Or with our Save As You Earn scheme, you can save with us in order to buy shares later. my Aviva extras - this gives you access to hundreds of fantastic discounts and cash back offers with instant vouchers, reloadable cards and special deals. Colleague discounts and offers - we offer our colleagues discounted rates (with friends and family offers too) on our own products, plus national and local offers from a number of other businesses. Time to care - If you’re thinking about becoming a parent, or you’re a parent already, you probably want to know how we do things around here when it comes to parental leave and pay. Especially if you’ve heard that we take a slightly different approach to most organisations (in a good way!) – not least by offering our employees market-leading equal parental leave.* Being a parent is another full-time job – and so is being a carer. That’s why we also offer carers at Aviva extra paid leave, to support them as best we can. *All adoption, maternity/paternity and parental leave benefits will apply when you’ve worked with us for a qualifying amount of time.

Learning and Development

There are some things that can’t be taught. Some people just happen to be naturally in tune with our four core values: Care More, Kill Complexity, Never Rest and Create Legacy. But there are plenty of things that definitely can be learnt. Which is why we have so many great training and development opportunities, including: - Self-learning - Personal training & qualifications - 1:1 coaching - Apprenticeships - E-learning platform