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What are the perks offered by Auto World Imports Network?

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  • 26 octobre 2017

    - RRSP
    - Flexible hours

    - Perks

  • - low pay
    - long hours

    - incompetent management

    - favoritism if all you do is suck up

    - don't have to do much work if you suck up

  • Great Christmas parties

  • Free lunches on Saturdays, if the service manager is in a good mood, you get to run your car through the wash, and if they're in an extremely good mood, you get to take it downstairs and VACUUM it too!!
    You also get benefits, such as health/life insurance that you pay for, and it costs a ridiculous amount of money every month. Oh, what's that? You have your own insurance? LOL, you're still paying for company insurance anyway.

  • Work / Life balance
    Growth within the group

    Great support within the group from HR and management

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  1. What are the perks offered by Auto World Imports Network?