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Salesperson in Downtown
le 17 septembre 2018
Fair but
Worked within the group for 5+ years Top performer but no opportunity for advancement and not even a thank you when I decided to move on. I will say they are a professional organization.
Admin Assistant in Thornhill, ON
le 7 décembre 2020
Job only
Totally agree the post on Oct 18. There is no management and only number matters. If you are looking for a job and job only, it is fine; otherwise stay away from it.
Service Coordinator in Thornhill, ON
le 18 octobre 2020
Don't work here
It's worth noting that the 5 star reviews were written on and around the same dates, because HR was trying to solicit good reviews.Every single day at work was miserable. Trying to wake up to go to work was one of the most difficult things to do, because work was discouraging. Aside from going home, the only positive thing was meeting some of the amazing people you work with who make work slightly less soul crushing. My mental, physical, and emotional state deteriorated quickly. Working here was entirely a waste of time, and the environment was toxic. There aren't many decent internal opportunities, and favouritism brings upward mobility instead of merit and seniority. There's a very high turnover rate. Some people just walk out, or don't even bother to show up anymore. That speaks volumes about working for this company. Nobody wants to. Management is abysmal, poor, clueless, incapable, and unsupportive to say the very least. Often, your job includes chasing after management so they could contact customers. When that doesn't happen, customers will use you as a verbal punching bag to release their frustration, and you end up profusely apologizing for things out of your control. If a customer is verbally abusing you, you are expected to take it and management does not defend you. Rules are constantly bent and overstepped by management.The culture here is terrible. They only care about money and numbers. If you can't help them line their pockets, you're insignificant. Everyone is in it for themselves and nobody cares about you. You'll survive if you suck up. Management turns a blind eye when those who suck up make countless mistakes. Unless you are a yes man and a brown noser, you won't go anywhere. There's absolutely no growth for you.Pay is also abysmal, minimum wage is what you'll get and what they'll strive to keep you at. You perform well, and get rewarded with a ton of other responsibilities and work dropped on your lap. These extra responsibilities now become your daily responsibilities, but you won't be compensated fairly for it. You do things that are beyond your pay grade all the time. If you already have your own life insurance, too bad because you have to pay for it again with the company. I don't recommend anyone working here, even if you're desperate. Why would you want to work a depressing and directionless job? It doesn't even pay well to make all this remotely justifiable. Save yourself the braincells and copious amounts of stress if you value your health and sanity.
Detailer in Toronto, ON
le 13 juin 2019
Worked with AWIN for a short period of time and I’m truly disappointed. Thought it’d be amazing but my tools were lacking and management was ridiculous. Felt extremely overworked and then was let go with no notice. I put in 110% but in the end it was all about money. They wanted quality and speed and I was unable to do the insane amount of work they piled on
Sales in Toronto, ON
le 29 mars 2019
unfair company/acura and honda
worked with this group for almost 4 years. no advancement, recognition and seniority. will make you harass customers in order to get appointments. management does not care about their employees and employee's opinion. also, management turnover here is unbelievable. great coworkers but not management. do yourself a favour and try to avoid this group if you can.
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