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Employee (Markham, ON)
le 12 janvier 2022
It is very painful to read some of the reviews.
This role is not for everyone and the job is more challenging than others but rewarding at the sane time. People have their reasons for quitting, but those who work here support real causes and help children in need. Negative feedback can come from any workplace and it is that individual's point of view. Don't let one person's actions determine the worth of this hard working business to help build a better future for our autistic children.
Instructor (Richmond Hill, ON)
le 11 janvier 2022
Good luck if you can work here for more than a year.
Though there are some good people working here, this is a pretty stressful and toxic place to work. Expect to feel micromanaged, overworked, underpaid, undervalued, used, and last (but not least), disillusioned. Tons of work for very little pay. Most people who put up with this are people who need experience, letters for graduate school or permanent residence. And they are willing to commute hours and hours every day for this. But many have had to leave or been fired without their letters. Management is very conservative and feels very uncomfortable when challenged. They like to tell you their company is a family; and it is. You're just not a part of it. If there's a problem, make sure you're nowhere near, or bam!, you're blamed, punished and fired. There are many other better places to go for excruciating pain, like a Leafs game. Good luck.
Senior Therapist (Markham, ON)
le 29 août 2021
Collaborative and supportive environment
AIM has proven to be a very supportive and collaborative environment. The values are really visible in how AIM takes care of their team and families. My role at AIM ended due to a change in careers for me; nothing to do with the organization. Reading the previous reviews can skew your view; and can often represent a fixed mindset. Having a growth mindset is valuable for me that can facilitate a positive experience. The expectations on quality are very high and that is because our client's deserve the best quality. Due to this; it can be quite challenging for individuals to receive feedback willingly and implement feedback. It's an open door policy where management is willing to talk and collaborate on the best outcome. This also means that management is on the floor providing support and feedback (positive and wishes) to promote best quality practices; which may not be suited for some people. AIM cares about its employees; knowing that best quality for our clients will come when our team is taken care of. There are professional development days (talks, workshops, hands on activities), professional seminars from our psychologist, team meetings with a clinical discussion, great benefits package, fair wages, bonus pay, supplies provided, coaching and mentoring opportunities. The benefits are amazing with a focus on caring for your mental health. The professional development opportunities are always tailored to the teams needs and requests. The day to day interactions are sensitive to burnout and very supportive and positive. If you are looking for an organization that values in action and not just words, AIM embodies that. You will have a great opportunity to learn grow and make a difference; all while having a voice and feeling valued. It is unfortunate that people have experienced otherwise; but often the negative is highlighted with the positive going unnoticed. Feedback and a willingness and openness to learn are required in this advancing and developing field. Without feedback from management and from the team; it would be hard to provide best practices. Management is also very open to feedback and values the ideas and suggestions brought forward. I have never worked at a company that offers so much flexibility, support and has everyone's voice heard.
Instructor Therapist (Markham, ON)
le 10 août 2021
"AIM is a family"
Working here was the most unprofessional and condescending experience of my life. If you love having lies told about you by insecure underqualified senior therapists and lead team members, this is the place for you. If you thrive under meticulous micromanagement and oppressive management styles, this is the place for you. If you want to be made to implement therapeutic modalities for learners who have long outgrown the curriculum in order to assist members of the senior team achieve personal certifications, this is absolutely the place for you. If you're looking for a supportive and clinically strong supervisor to receive BCBA supervision hours from, maybe look somewhere else. There are members of the floor staff who are more qualified than some of the senior therapists. If you're still interested in applying, be prepared to be kept at the same underwhelming pre-probation hourly rate for years. You'll be expected to constantly stroke the fragile egos of your supervisors and validate cringey behaviour from upper management on threat of termination. Have a suggestion to even minutely improve the work culture? Don't even think about bringing it up with the management team if you don't want to be heavily scrutinized for being a "troublemaker". If you struggle with mental health concerns, maybe reconsider. The founder will ask to speak to your doctor if you request support, accommodation or any mental health days. This organization is rife with nepotism, ignorance and questionable dual relationships, but if you're desperate for some experience, the floor team is truly amazing. Everything I learned here, I learned from coworkers at my level. If you have other options though, I would highly reconsider.
Instructor Therapist (Markham, ON)
le 5 août 2021
Mental health on the edge
This field is stressful to begin with and sure it’s not meant for everyone. But, this place is definitely something else. They claim to have a good intention from the beginning, but once you start rolling you will see the truth. Compensation for home session is terrible, scheduling for staff is always tense. They expect a lot from you but will never repay you in the way they claim to. Everything from the beginning always sounds so good and generous. But if you’re not a yes man/ woman, they will turn the table around at you, and of course what they promised you will never become true. Turnover rates are fairly high within this field, but this place definitely have one of the highest I have ever experienced within years, trust me it is the way it is for a solid reason. Even prior to joining this place, there’s quite a few feedback I’ve heard from others to just stay away from this place. Well it is a good and bad experience to have, like Drake said started from the bottom now we here. This place will definitely serve you some special life time experience, and know what to be aware of for the future.

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