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2.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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If you have the balls go for it

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If you are a fresh grad and trying to get some experience and taste of different assessments used within the field, go for it. A place where you will definitely grow and learned a lot, with the stress and workload I am sure if you are capable in surviving here all other centres would not be a problem in the near future for you. Work life balance and management within this environment will certainly prepare you for the bigger picture within this field. A way to strengthen your mental and psychological capacity. There are certainly amazing people within the pool, it is always a good way to learn things the hard way to prepare you for the future self.

Points positifs

Get a taste of everything, build up patience

Points négatifs

Long hours, do it yourself, no work life balance
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A company that cares

AIM has proven to be a very supportive and collaborative environment. The values are really visible in how AIM takes care of their team and families. It's an open door policy where management is willing to talk and collaborate on the best outcome. AiM cares for the families they serve as well. The benefits are amazing with a focus on caring for your mental health. The professional development opportunities are always tailored to the teams needs and requests. The day to day interactions are sensitive to burnout and very supportive and positive. If you are looking for an organization that values in action and not just words, AIM embodies that. You will have a good opportunity to learn grow and make a difference; all while having a voice and feeling valued.

Points positifs

Professional development, excellent benefits, supportive team, growth oriented, collaborative, values every member

Points négatifs

Keeping up with the growth at AIM and taking in all the knowledge shared.
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Do NOT apply if you care about your well - being

1. Lack of training 2. Expectation you have to work until 9pm (and the founder of the company tells everyone that ITs want to do that). 3. STs: do not find time to connect with their ITs or to even check in how things are going 4. Lack of prep - people are expected to do hours of prep for 30 minutes of paid time 5. Lack of support 6. Nobody in the upper management is able to take feedback
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Overly demanding with little benefit

This company truly expects you to devote your life to your job and does not take into any consideration work-life balance. There is extremely low pay and any time you are required to complete material prep, drive time, prep time or consultation is not paid.
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2.0Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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