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North York, ON5 avis

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4,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great Company and High Pay!!! :)

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I have been working at Auctionmaxx for over a year now. Like any other warehouses, it's always busy, there is always something to do. It is a place for hard working individuals, it is physically demanding because you will be on your feet all day, but mind you, it is all worth it. You will be well compensated. This company will push you to grow, to learn something new. All the staffs are friendly. I love working here.

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Free Starbucks Coffee, Monthly Attendance Bonus, Profit Sharing
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Challenging job but you get what you put into this company

I have been with auctionmaxx for about a year and some more. I am not going to sugar coat this review. The job as a lister is tough. It entails hard-work, quick decision making skills and so on. However, This is a very honest company in terms of how they evaluate their employees and how well they pay them. Like I have mentioned above, It's been a little over a year but I am well over the starting wage. If you are laid back person looking for an easy gig, then this isn't for you. But you are a motivated person who wants a good job that pays well and has a very high ceiling, this is what you are looking for. Many of you, who are reading this probably wonder what defines "high ceiling". Let me tell you this, we have guys making close to 6 figures if not more (wage + bonus/incentives + consignment). Management team will push you to be the best version of yourself which is true in every workplace. This will only benefit you in long run because they compensate very generously you as you improve. I don't feel like I need to talk about coworkers and comradery. All I need to say is that it's like a big family. Guys at auctionmaxx are carefully selected, tested and proved. No non-sense, no politics and jerk free environment. Lastly work and life balance is nothing short of perfect. 4 days a week what more do I need to say? long weekend every weekend. To sum up, If you want a high paying job that does not get boring with great people to work with. Auctionmaxx is the place you want to be. But you've got to bring your A-game, if you want to stay and succeed. And your - 

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4 days a week work schedule, Lunch parties!, Great team, high Wage, Bonus

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Low air quality
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Demanding workplace with a family atmosphere in which you are rewarded fairly for your contributions.

I have been an associate at Auctionmaxx for 4 years and I can say that although it can be a fast paced and demanding work environment, there are many ways to reap the fruits of your labor. I started out as a warehouse associate and worked my way up to being a product lister - so advancement is definitely possible if you work hard enough! As for benefits, to start, having a 3 day weekend helps offset the fast paced work schedule. Also, the owners compensate you fairly based on your contributions and value brought to the company - perks for perfect attendance can also be had. Overall, the environment is very rewarding and the fellow staff are a joy to be around!

Points positifs

3 day weekend, higher pay for higher skill level
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Rewarding career opportunity for ambitious and growth-oriented individuals

There is enough room for growth if that's something you are looking for. This is irrespective of your level of education or length of time on the job. As long as you have the skills and knowledge, you stand a chance to move up the ladder. Wages and bonuses are good and provides opportunities to make a six-figure salary. Staff is friendly and always willing to help.

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No barriers to growth, Hard work is always noticed and rewarded, Great pay and benefits, 3 day weekend
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Stay away from this place

Only thing they re good at is hiring and firing people. Don’t trust this place to build your career cause they can/will fire you at any given time without any formal justification or cause.
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