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2,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Overall an okay place to work

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Pay and benefits are good but they have been moving away from flexibility and work life balance. Cutting lots of cost which is effecting employees and have focused more on the bottom line.
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Great Outsourcing Firm

Great for temporary contracts and short term engagements. Management and support is top tier. Very helpful, knowledgable staff. All coworkers are strong and well skilled. Low stress and high benfit positions.

Points positifs

Great management and support

Points négatifs

Some the HR software and HR utilities could be inproved
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Overall good

Nothing bad to say, they were helpful when needed but lot of extra steps needed with them including payroll, time off requests etc. overall would recommend.
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Good environment

Best job ever, I would always go back if I had to. But need to move out the country. Nice environment. Good management team works for the benefit of its staff
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okay place to work great community and workplace and culture management is cool and give positive vibes. amazing place to work to start out. amazing co workers
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Productive and inclusive work atmosphere. Can tell there has been a change of overall focus.

Directors care very much about employees and like to stress the work life balance. Encourage you to make time for yourself and do not make you feel bad for taking said time. Work atmosphere is fast, but its keeps you engaged. Coworkers are all very friendly and willing to help when needed. Was weary of joining based on previous reviews but you can tell these were from previous experiences and not since they made an effort to change some of the culture.

Points positifs

Salary + location pay + commission + allowances and benefits

Points négatifs

Can require some extra work aka after hours
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Schedule is really good, alternate between 5 days on, 5 days off and 4 days on, 4 days off you’ll have two weekends off a month with this schedule. Plus vacation on top of that works out really well.Very poor management though, always blaming the workforce for their errors and never putting any money into improvements in the hangar.
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Terrible Working Enviroment

The company is not professional whatsoever. They overpromise and underdeliver on multiple occasions. If you like being overworked and underpaid, this job is for you.
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Good team culture but not the best pay or workload

Management will tell you to work on things that aren’t part of the metrics and then it causes extra stress on you as a recruiter. The commission structure is the worst I have ever seen in my entire sales career. The base is low for the first year but increases by 10k the next which is great, but you make money off the commission. There’s so much work you need to do for little pay. There are other staffing agencies that pay way more money for less work. Some managers give off an uncomfortable vibe in the office so people act different when they’re there. But when they’re not in office, everyone’s relaxed. Even when you hit your metrics, you’re still asked unnecessary/irrelevant questions. Almost like a power trip. This place has an extremely high turnover rate and when you apply on Indeed, they can see it which is an invasion of privacy, but that’s their way of trying to “retain”. You are allocated on requisitions that are extremely difficult to fill and work with clients that don’t meet what the market is asking for in certain provinces. Depending on the team that you’re on. Overall, very good team environment. I say very good and not great because some people act up in front of others and are hypocrites. Especially those that don’t even try to make a connection with the team or are hard to connect with in the first place. But most times everyones helping each other, laughing, cracking jokes, everyone listens to each other vent. It’s a very good team environment. Also, they decided to do 3 days in office/2days wfh. No accommodations for those that have personal matters to attend - 
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Not worth it

It's not worth dealing with this agency. Their jobs are not promising, worthwhile, nor promise extensive career growth & success. I did a banking/finance role (at a bank) through this agency, and it was horrendous. This agency does not offer permanent placements after 3 months like other companies do—this is the first major problem. In-fact, we were set to be on contract for OVER A YEAR and so forth. Second, the pay & job descriptions are inaccurate. I was told multiple different things during the interview, in comparison to what I had to do on the job. Third, there was no career growth at the bank. There is so much politics in banking & finance nowadays that it's truly not worthwhile. In addition, you are working there like a robot with no “off” button. Stress + lack of growth = not worth it.
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good place to work - fast paced - team atmosphere and work/life balance takes priority

Work-life balance is a Priority with this company, mental health is important for them. There is a team atmosphere and competitive wages. this company likes to give back to their employees
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Project was meant for six months and finished in two months. There was no work load or over promise. Initial job description and target was lower then after training the target increased to almost 2.5 times the actual target.

Points positifs

Easy project

Points négatifs

Insecure, over promise under delivery.
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