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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Ma première expérience au Canada, très bonne expérience, Manager à l'écoute, collaborateurs jeunes et dynamiques.
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Work place

Good work environment, good co-workers. Work parties in June and in December are really awsome. Unlimited drinks and food. Good location right by union.

Points positifs

Enjoyable atmosphere, right downtown close to union station.

Points négatifs

No employment advancement opportunities.
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Great team environment

Excellent sales team to work with. Extremely cooperative and supportive, a friendly working environment that helped ensure that work was done efficiently and quickly.
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Calm and relaxing place to work.Co workers are helpful and friendly, exceptional work place. Management are helpful. I have learned about RRSP, TFSA and other financial planning for the future. I enjoy working and coming to work. There is nothing difficult about working at Assante, of course there is always a learning curve but in time all will fall into place.

Points positifs

flexiable hours

Points négatifs

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Travail etais un peu repétatif

La plus grande difficulté avec ce poste étais d'appeler quel qu'une que vous ne connaisser même pas et de parler de leur finances privés avec buts d'inviter chez nous pour un revue au complète de leur plans fiscale.
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Great Management Team

I really enjoy working for the Management at this company. Answer incoming calls and put through to the correct party. I am considered their first contact for customer service at reception.

Points positifs

Great place to work
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Great Environment to work

I enjoyed working at Assante Wealth Management but due to cut backs I was laid off in April 2014. My day consists of placing client trades such as mutual funds switches, buy, and sell. I enjoyed working with the people in the office.
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Intense job that demands a lot of you, but great office culture.

Working as an Investment Advisor is a very demanding job espeically when you are building your own client portfolio. You need to work from 9AM to 9PM generating leads to meet with prospects to introduce them to your philosophy and how you can add value to their financial situation. You need to be patient, and you must supress your frustration to make sure you keep looking forward. This is the best job if you plan to committing to it in the long run, because there is no such thing as instant gratification with it!
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Fun working with them.

Working for Assante Wealth management was great if they were busier they would of highbred me on.
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Wealth Management - Junior Advisor

• Front office: "cold-call" to acquire new customers and assist closing meetings (my result: 500 000 $ under management) • Middle office: current portfolio management • Back office: attend executive sessions and learn how to prepare a closing meeting by offering products and services tailored to the prospect
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Day to Day

- assist advisors with reports etc - handle in bound calls - create reports and statements
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Management was excellent. McDonald's provided the culture to learn and develop communication skills in your career.
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Productive fun work place

Excellent organization to work for. Lots of room for advancement.

Points positifs

Good people to work with. Lots of room for advancement and learning.
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Great Wealth Planning Strategy

For 19 1/2 years of service it goes without saying that I loved my job.

Points positifs

Great health benefits

Points négatifs

No increase in salary. No matter how many jobs you do.
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Financial advisors

Secretarial, administrative duties. A typical day included filing, scheduling meetings, correspondence, travel arrangements, etc.
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Only a short contract job

I would process the payroll and time sheets I was only there a short period of time. So I really didn't get a chance to meet anyone or make friends.
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Hub of financial knowledge

Local / Community level marketing is the core to reach consumers in the financial services industry.
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Dynamic, quick paced office setting that paid well

I enjoyed working at Assante and it was in a convenient location. On a typical day at work I would do different assignments needed for the head office in Toronto.I learned how to interact more fully with people on the job.My co-workers were generally easy to get along with.The hardest part of the job was being moved from one department to the next, depending on where I was needed.The hours were great, the pay was always increasing and I knew my job well

Points positifs

the job was the pro

Points négatifs

the company was set to move and there was the duress of not knowing if one would be fired
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Job security sucks

Have your resume ready... this is not a secure job environment. Lay-offs and turnover can happen at any time.
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3.4Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.2Salaire / avantages sociaux
3.1Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
3.3Culture d'entreprise

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