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Comment est l'environnement de travail chez Aspire Lifestyles?

2,6Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3,1Salaire / avantages sociaux
2,5Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
2,7Culture d'entreprise
A place of fear
Lifestyle Consultant (ancien(ne) employé(e)) - Burlington, ON - 26 février 2019
You work at the overlords pleasure and be sure you don't "mess up" or else you'll get written up...but rarely fired. They keep you fearing for your job constantly when in reality the turnover rate is so high that they can't pay people enough to stay. Don't even get me started on scheduling if you don't have kids your outta luck. People with children - plus... are constantly given accommodations and better shifts while everyone else is thrown the scraps. As for leadership, or a better way to put it is lack there of, they are only out to cover their own rears. The SDM's act like they are on your side ... - moins
Points positifsnot much ok benefits
Points négatifsgarbage shifts, terrible leadership, constant threats of termination
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