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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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J'ai travaillé 1 an pour l'entreprise et c'était mon emploi étudiant, l'équipe était formidable pareil pour la gérante et la superviseur des ardenes. Ils ont su respecter mon horaire et toujours été à l'écoute ou pour nous supporter!

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Fun retail experience

I was hired as a manager trainee . Because the company is established, they have a set method for training staff. I felt excited to be part of the company. Store is busy, lots of tasks. The job doesn't pay enough to pay my bills so I left.
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Typical work day

Typical day at work putting out stock, helping customers find sizes, monthly layout changes depending on skill set what stock to put out in particular layouts
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Good starter job

Expect to train yourself and to learn as you go. Employees are fairly nice to work with. It is not the most professional at times and can get stressful if you allow it to be. You will learn how to handle tuff situations.
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Bad place - Highly biased management

The management is biased and they focus on people they know. They do not support or listen to any employees. They have no respect and think themselves as the owner of the store. Sick calls are not allowed in the store which is inhumane. Working in the store has only demoralised. No good environment.

Points positifs

Employee discount

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Bad and ineffective management style
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Treated like a child by managers and given very unrealistic expectations. Was scolded for not greeting customers when they entered even if I was in the back of the store.
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High expectations little reward, low pay even when you’ve been in the company for years, growth in company only goes so far before you can’t grow anymore, lots of burnout
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Would not work here again

Management is very unprofessional. All employees including managers basically stand around and talk to each other the whole time. Customers were also not treated very nicely by employees, it seemed as if the customer was bothering them. High levels of gossip amongst all employees, very immature.
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Workplace with no growth

This place isn't really the best to have any growth but if you're looking for a job that pays, this isn't really the place either. They pay minimum which okay fine for a sales associate but my either part time job I was working gave me benefits as well! People who work in customer service honestly deserve better. Management was poor but the other employees was what made the experience worth it. Also, dress code could be a little bit more lenient. felt like it was a civvies day at school.
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Fun workplace

Good for a first job. Everyone is very welcoming and the management is good. However, they only give few hours so this is perfect if you are only looking for part time job.
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Great job and manegement

i enjoyed working there, management is great and very understanding and the job is pretty simply. The company is also great and includes many benefits for their employees.
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Great co-workers

I had the pleasure of working with a team of incredibly kind and welcoming individuals. The experience was not only enjoyable but also straightforward and fun.
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Fun coworkers and good managers

Working at west end you get to meet a variety of fun people to work with. The managers especially at WEM are great, flexible and understanding. The management alone makes a better work place.
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I love working here! My team has a great energy and vibe. It is always fun when coming to work. Everyone is helpful and always there for each other. I definitely recommend
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Decent job

Overall a decent job. Good place to build skills that are useful for future positions (ie. customer service, teamwork). The work is fairly simple but can become a lot at during busy times. Management could work on boosting morale.
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Good job but less flexibility

Good but repetitive job for full time work. Less flexibility in part time hours if you are a student. Good discount and perks for employees. Not much opportunity to grow career. Overall okay
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Worst Management, No Career Growth, No Employee Benefits

No Career Growth. The company doesn't raise your wage even for how long you work in the company. They dont value you as an employee. The workload is a lot and you need to be physically fit to work there.
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A lot of fun to work here

Ardene is a fast fashion company which means work is done fast as well. There are many team building activities and the Ardene family is very generous and caring of it's employees. In general, it's a great place to work!
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Run far far away

They hire young people they give false promises of growth within the company. Expectations are high and rewards are low. They dont reward hard workAwful salaryAwful district managersNot enough break So much work to do and so demandingClients are awful

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It's alright

Not the worst place to work. Management readily complains and gossips about employees loudly to other employees on the floor while customers are around. Also brags and give full details about reprimanding employees while on the floor. If you call in sick manager calls you back and asks why, and if you say you're sick (even if not covid related) they tell you to take a test.You are expected to not have plans (be ready to drop them if called in) on days when you're on call, even though 70% of the time you won't be called in.If you're a hard worker and go above and beyond chances are you'll do just fine, but be wary that you may run into issues or feel uncomfortable due to the reasons above from time to time.
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Great for starting out, but so much Drama

You're going to find it's a lot of typical organizational and customer service. You can always be cleaning. The downside is it's very young and female oriented. You're going to hear lots of petty drama and be constantly surrounded by it. The work culture is a lot like high school. Lots of pettiness everywhere you go and the company doesn't really value their employees.

Points positifs

Discount on Clothing and Accessories

Points négatifs

Minimal Pay, tons of drama.
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