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Too stressful and too serious for such a low paying job

This company takes itself far too seriously for a place that sells overpriced clothing, obviously made in sweatshops. Turn over is super high in the stores for a reason. None of the management is adequately trained for the position. Most are just thrown in and expected to figure things out. Not a good experience working for this company.
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Devoir être polyvalent et apte à travailler sous le stress, pas pour ceux qui pense que c'est juste être debout à parler sans rien faire ;). C'est-à-dire de s'occuper de placer la nouveauté le plus rapidement possible sur le plancher de vente tout en s'assurant que la clientèle est servie, de même que de distribuer les tâches aux employés et de suivre les demandes du bureau-chef (changements visuels, retour d'articles saisonniers,...)
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Fun Workplace, High Firing Rates

I worked at Ardenes for about a month. The store was good and m co workers were really nice. I honestly felt like I belonged and loved working there. I thought i was doing really well at the job and then all of a sudden my manager pulls me to the back and says that I'm fired because I "didn't meet the requirments for the job by 30 days." I then found out that this is an extremely common thing for Ardenes. If you dont want to be fired in a month for no reason I dont recommend the job.
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Average retailer

Unfortunately this company preaches work life balance but does not practice this, the work load is never ending. There is a big disconnect between what is expected and what is achievable. Pay is on the lower end of the retail pay

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours, not realistic expectations
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Good Management and Good Discounts

Good place to work. Personally I had really great managements but you are underpaid for the work you do and often you have to do more than your position requires you to do which is not good
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Environnement stressant et déséquilibré

Étant donné que tout les superviseurs, bureau chef sont à Montréal et aux alentours, c’est très dure d’avoir accès à certaines informations-aide-nouveautés, aucune gérante formée en poste depuis 2019, donc c’est un vrai tourbillon,mais le côté positif est la belle marchandises et les rabais employés. Tu dois être disponible très souvent car avoir des employés fidèles sont rares.
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Great discount, Bad management

i liked working with my coworkers and interacting with customers but the management takes a toll on my mental health at work. Most of the people who apply for sales associate or part of the management doesn't last too long in this job.As a sales associate who has been working for a long time, they expect me to basically do responsibilities of the management which is beyond my pay grade of minimum wage. I can barely get a time off due to my other workers calling in “sick” or not showing up at all for their shifts which gets put on to me. It also puts me in stress trying to juggle between work, school and social life.I’m greatful to work and become friends with my coworkers, its just the management that actually needs some managing in this company.
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Not productive, horrible time management skills within management 0

Better positive training within the Management team I feel could uplift the overall happiness of the workplace. Team building skills within the management I feel would be crucial for a happier positive crew.
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It was fine

Management was sometimes unhelpful and could be rude at times but the other employees were amazing and it is a fun atmosphere most of the time. The pay is average and there is little room to move up but it is still possible.
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Stressful and boring environment

On a busy day, you will get very stressful and feel grumpy because you’re just doing the same stuff all day with a store full of customers. On a slow day, you will get bored and exhausted because you’re still doing the same stuff all day. Pay minimum wage but wants your full attention at work… however, time was flexible and casual dress code, not too bad for a seasonal job

Points positifs

Casual dress, flexible time

Points négatifs

Long hours, busy, minimum wage
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Fun workplace, terrible management

Fun job with good growth opportunities. However district managers have no idea what is going on in-stores and it is practically impossible to get any maintenance. The store was basically falling apart (air quality was terrible, AC and heat never worked, often had to wear a winter coat while working) and the company did not care.
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Easy job, friendly coworkers

Being a sales associate is an easy job and your coworkers really become like family. Managers are pretty easy going. Getting good hours is difficult and if you do stock or third key you really get underpaid for the amount of extra work you have to do.

Points positifs

Great coworkers Easy job

Points négatifs

No room to grow Not a lot of hours
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i loved my manager and coworkers but clientele can sometimes be EVIL and hard to deal with. store is kind of always a mess and you don't rly have time to fix it because there's always so much stock to get through. a lot of labor for a minimum wage job but if you want hours def apply here.

Points positifs

amazing employee discount

Points négatifs

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Absolutely awful

hate it. the managers will talk about you behind your back, to the point one girl quit. not enough pay for the work you do. not allowed to talk to coworkers, even when the store is empty, but the managers will stand around and talk all day.
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Decent entry level

It can get super boring if it’s slow and everything is so repetitive which makes the hours go by slow. You do get paid the actual minimum wage tho and not student minimum which is nice
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Fun place to work, made great friends

Fair warning: You'll spend a good chunk of your paycheck on clothes because the deals are too good, the clothes are super cute, and discounts are great. Employees are really nice and eager to get to know you. Easy to make new friends. Customers are usually really pleasant and it's fun to pick outfits for them. Easy to work up the employment ladder if you really want to. Raises are few and far between so if you're asked what your wage expectations are, aim high. Good job security and they're quite accommodating and understanding. Overall great experience.
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Good job, poor management

Coworkers are friendly and it's an easy job, but we weren't assigned tasks and there's very little to do most of the time. Most of the work was greeting customers and organizing clothes but everyone also got to use the cash registers and watch over the change rooms.I quit after a few months because the manager was extremely unprofessional and would gossip about you to other employees which created drama and made the work environment toxic. They also played favourites by giving certain employees more shifts and longer hours. The schedule would get posted a few days before shifts. Even though I liked the rest of the job the manager made coming in miserable.
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salaire bas pour travail

soyez pres à soulever des boites lourdes pour un salaire tres bas !
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Pas le meilleur

Avoir été 3eme clé et avoir seulement 1$ de difference avec les vendeuses c’est tres bof. En plus de tout les responsabilités
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Relaxed, fun workplace

Overall it’s a great place to work. You get very minimal hours (3-6 hour a week) so it’s definitely not good for somebody looking to make money. Great coworkers and a good discount on the clothes.
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