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What should you wear to an interview at Ardene?

13 réponses

  • I wore a floral blouse with black pants (not tight leggings). Floral print is something ardenes always carry. I also wore those ankle black boots.

  • Just dress yourself in a put together way. Wear accessories and try to wear at least one item from Ardene. Do not wear crop tops, sweat pants, and please at least brush your hair. As a hiring manager I have seen it all.

  • A nice dress

  • Pantalon and nice blouse

  • Wear a cute pink dress because ardene is all about pink look good

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  • You should dress appropriate

  • Flats! Ardene sells lots of flats so they love to see someone wearing a look that they sell.

  • Professional: dress pants or med. length skirt and blouse

  • A pair dress pants and a nice blouse

  • I wore blue jeans, heeled booties and a plain long sleeve grey shirt and got the job

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  1. What should you wear to an interview at Ardene?