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Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez Ardene?

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  • What are your strengths ? Your weaknesses ? What hours would you want to work ? Why did you leave your last job ? Are you in school ?

  • Why I wanted to join their store

  • None they brought me in looked at my appearance and told me stories about their personal life

  • How do you work under pressure

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  • They asked for three strengths and three weaknesses. Also asked for a time I received good customer service. Like others have said the typical questions like tell me about yourself, also asked who is your inspiration. They ask why you want to work there and why would would be a good fit. Lastly they ask if you have any questions for them.

  • What motivates you to wake up early and come to work?
    Describe a new relationship you have made recently with anybody

    Describe your friendship best experience.

    Why choose ardene?

  • Tell me about yourself?
    why did you choose this place to work at?

    what are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • “Are you comfortable approaching/talking with the consumer ?”

  • They usually ask the basic ones like tell me about yourself and they ask lots of questions like give me one example of good customer service you have done or give me one weakness that you would like to improve on. Those sorts of things.

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