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Are you allowed to have a septum ring?

7 réponses

  • Yes, of course

  • Current employee of 3 years now, Ardene is an equal employer. Meaning they cannot discriminate based on looks, or anything else. Piercings and tattoos are not frowned upon, I have large and visible tattoos, and two facial piercings, and colorful hair. Face is frowned up for tattoos in general, same as hands and front of neck. They changed dresscode policy 3 times since I've been there as well, making it more lenient to today's culture and society.

  • No i was not allowed to have a septum ring and did not have one.

  • Yes you are allowed to have a septum ring. You are also allowed tattoos and colored hair.

  • Nobody at my location had one but I think you're allowed.

  • Yes but it is probably discouraged

  • I believe you are allowed minimal face piercings, some managers will let it slide

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  1. Are you allowed to have a septum ring?