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Was hired for a specific role in the IT department but the “specialist” whom I was hired to help didn’t want to train. I sat there for over a year doing pretty much nothing. I would ask to help/work so much the manager told me to stop asking. The group and manager I worked with were highly unprofessional to the point that it was abusive. Team members would yell and walk out of team meetings almost every week. They would trash talk each other behind backs. A common occurrence would be that I was told wrong information by senior team members (absolutely clueless old guys who literally made up nonsense when they didn’t know what they were talking about) then the same guys would complain about you. Even worse if you actually fixed an issue after you were told bogus information they would complain about you. Same old guys would chat it up all day either on the phone with personal calls or in person with other co-workers, but if you make one phone call to your doctors office they complain about you making personal calls. Management didn’t care about anything going on as they were retiring in less than a year. New tech-leader in training was one of the most miserable human beings on earth who would regularly trash talk his own family and children, the job, and co-workers. My predecessor left this position because of the same issues. They would constantly trash talk him. My father died during my employment here, they would literally make jokes about it. I had to take a medical leave and the day I came back I was let go. This was one of the most dysfunctional - plus...
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