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Quel aspect de travailler chez Apotex est le plus stressant?

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  • Stress is generated by some supervisors and managers pushing their subordinates too hard. At times this pressure is constant. It would appear that some people higher up in the organisation tolerate this because it makes the daily/weekly/monthly metrics look good. They now have 'white boards' all over the factory which employees have to regularly update with data to show the progress of everyone's jobs. Some of this information is definitely good and helps with transparency. But some of it adds little, if anything, to peoples jobs, and so taking time out to make the updates to the boards just wastes valuable time.

  • The supervisors, they pretend they care for quality but they want production numbers.

  • Lack of job security

  • Working at apotex

  • Poor management

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  1. Quel aspect de travailler chez Apotex est le plus stressant?