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    Dick Hayne
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    1 001 à 5 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    De 100 à 500 millions $ (CAD)
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    Vente au détail et en gros
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    Anthropologie - Site internet
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Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 14 septembre 2022
Great place to work if you don't need to work for money.
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. There is a great team culture here. The training is extensive and the expectations are quite high considering they pay minimum wage. In general a pretty busy store and you can expect to be busy all the time. There is no motivation to put your best foot forward in your work when your employer pays you the bare minimum they possibly can. I didn't hate working here but when you realize how much product this company sells vs how they pay their staff is very disappointing. As a huge multi-national company they could take better care of their staff. This is a group of grown women working for minimum wage. If they took care of their staff as well as they focus on their sales, customers and decorating their store, this would be an amazing employment opportunity. The discount is very generous but don't be fooled. Giving people a discount so they can spend the money they make at your store and be a walking billboard to sell more clothing for you is not a benefit. There are no true perks or benefits to working here unless you are hired at full time. They keep almost everyone at part time.Disregard the salary expectations portion of the online application. They avoided my questions when I asked about pay, perks and benefits in my interview and said they would be discussed upon a job offer. They will send you an onboarding package outlining the benefits but don't waste your time reading it, you will find out it doesn't apply to you when you show up for your first shift. Its minimum wage with no benefits. The schedule is really all over the place and you could be scheduled for any amount of hours scattered across any time of day. If you like to mix it up this might work for you. If you need consistency in your schedule this will be hard on you. Be very clear about your availability and ask for what you need up front.If you are sensitive to noise be aware that the staff communicate through headsets all day which can be a lot on the ears. If you are just wanting a good discount on expensive clothes and other clothes under the URBN Umbrella, this is the place for you. If you are wanting fair compensation, benefits and to work for a company that is actually "about the people" this is not a place for you.
Assistant Manager (Boston, ON)
le 23 mai 2022
Fun place to work, depends on your managers
The clothes and home items were very nice to be around and the discount was good. Customers could be difficult & entitled, and your experience depended on what your managers were like.
Sales Associate (Yorkdale) (Toronto, ON)
le 1 août 2021
Fun part time job - great discount
Overall a fun place to work, but full time hours aren't widely available, it's minimum wage and you get a great discount on products including your work wardrobe.The company shuttered the location I was working at and only gave its employees 2 weeks notice that everyone was out of a job, so that wasn't great.
Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 3 juin 2021
Overall a good experience!
I really enjoyed working at Anthropologie overall. The atmosphere is great, and so are the people. Although management is quite tough on you and they have very high expectations, especially for a minimum wage job. Also, once the mall closes at 9pm, you're required to stay there until 11pm to clean the store. It is kind of ridiculous. But it is a beautiful store. Discount is amazing though, that was the best part.
Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 12 septembre 2020
Fun but unhealthy environment
It was fun and okay experience, the discount was great. The staff were not the greatest (very unfriendly) which made it stressful going to work and seeing the same faces. I would recommend the company to diversify their staff like having people of color, muslims, etc. I would work there again for the discount.

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