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Venez y !!! On vous attend. La classe 1 F est tout ce qui compte!!!
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Terrible experience solely due to inexperienced ER personnel in positions of authority

What is the best part of working at the company?It didn’t last long. Made my stay there just enoughWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?ER and their penchant for applying conditions without appropriate factual investigation What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Couldn’t ask for a worse environment What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful and unsupportive management personnel at ER
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Good place to start career.

Good company to start commercial driving career. Salary is low compared to other companies. Lots of waiting time after delivery for the pick shows lack of pre planning. Drivers can take the time off if planned well in advance. Dispatchers are in another country so not much after hour help except the breakdown. Equipment is okay most of the times at least for long distance and the montreal yard is very busy at times so find a spot to drop trailer can be tricky specially late in the evening.

Points positifs

No force dispatch

Points négatifs

Low salary and waiting between loads
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For newcomers only

It's good company to start. Just to get same experience. The good trips according to seniority. A new drivers doing only short ones. Pay biweekly....
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Not Friendly for New driver

The dispatch did not set the trip properly which make the new driver need to drive on night. They did not respect their driver and treat them like a machine which never needs to sleep or rest!
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Good for only a week

Been driving for them for so many years, in the beginning in 2011 everything was good about the company, but after couple of years later this company became one of the worst out there. The equipment is very very old. If you're a city driver you will get the worst possible truck ever. When you ask them for a better truck they laugh at you. Some of the dispatchers are very disrespectful. If you don't play their game you will be at the bottom of everything. The salary as city driver is roughly 24 dollars an hour, but you don't make a lot of hours there anyway. All of the management in Boucherville yard it's just a big joke! No respect to the drivers and arrogant people. The language barrier is just amazing. You have to speak Russian or Romanian so you can better understand what is going on. If you want to speak to the boss of the company it's just impossible. Some people got paid more than 24 dollars an hour even if they work for 2-3 years for the company. And drivers that worked for more than a decade they got 24 dollars. So to speak the company it's a big joke. One more interesting thing is that they just recently blocked their city trucks to 95km per hour. So if you're lucky to get the 2016 Volvo with 1 500 000km and full of mechanical problems...you will be stuck on the highway with 95km per hour. Don't waste your energy and life to work for them. They are going down and down every single year.
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A goog place to start a carrier

Andy it's a good company to start a carrier on transport business You will learn allot and will be able to experience different situations on the 4 division. Long haul, 4axel , flet bad and intermodal.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Big volume of work
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Not good place for working

Not good place for work, if you are a newer, it's fine. Some load is long long waiting time, and you don't know who can help you if your dispatch not here.
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good company

good management, some dispatchers are very good. For beginners are very good. you can have lots of experience here. You need to handle lots of things by your self.
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It’s a good place to start as a new driver

This is a review for New drivers. For new driver, Come to Andy, absolutely a right choice. Pay is low, but it’s fair as a new driver. But if you work hard and you are easy to drive 3k miles a week. Don’t think about what kind of benefits you will get, there is nothing. All the pays are hidden, you don’t ask and you will never know. Management sucks, you can’t easy to get what you want, because nobody answer your phone calls or email. But you feel free to work at Andy’s when you don’t have a problem. Overall, I think Andy is a good company to start and get into this industry.
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drivers are nice, trips are ok, dispatchers don't care about drivers

overall friendly drivers, easy to talk with.great place to start driving but salary sucks for the hours put in. Dispatchers are in Romania and don't care about drivers just push to get the trips done.

Points positifs

good place to gain experience, managers are friendly

Points négatifs

Long hours, low pay
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It was fun and friendly stuff

Working there was fun they used to be a friendly staff dispatchers were very good as owner operator they used to give me enough miles to cover my expenses sometimes they have lots of layover maybe they changed now I see now they have lots of branches and they have lots of loads all over Canada and United States very friendly Romanian people I recommend for owner operator to work there but not with a brand new truck unless your life expenses is less than your truck payment.
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Good place to work

People are nice there , always have a work if you want to leave, but if you want good trip you need stay there for a while, new guy won’t get it, but anywhere almost the same, good luck.
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Culture du lieu de travaill: le serieux aspect le plus difficile de votre poste :un salaire plus bas que la moyenne .

Positif ,une companie engagé ,le personnel serieux .

Points positifs

Formation gratuit

Points négatifs

Salaire bas
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Good peoples and good work environnement

Liked my experience there, learned a lot, workers and management are friendly and always there if you need something. .

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

None so far
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Environnement de travaille très agressif, aucune respect pour les employés

Ils nous font faire du local en Ontario/toronto, seulement nous somme des chauffeurs long distance. Si je suis pour fair du local, je le fait à montreal proche de ma famille. Les dispatches ne parlent pas francais ils sont situés en roumanie…. Aucune communication compagnie très médiocre hautement déconseillé!! Les téléphones cellulaires sont exigés mais pas payer au US

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Absolument tout
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Nice work place, professional and fast

Good assigned trucks, professional and fast support on the road ,pay is minimal , long trips are given to close friends by dispatchers, a positive overall experience.
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Bad support from despatch

Not supportive people. Low income .poor trips.bad equipment. Bad road service. Only few people communicating well. Long gap between the trips. Big communication gap

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Good company, bad management

Dispatch is crooked and aweful. Got my all runs just for Pennsylvania for winter time as a brand new driver. Dispatch was worst, manager was awesome. Would work again if dispatch changed.
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Young and talented staff - great place to work

This company will be big, there's no doubt about it. The COO is recruiting young and talented staff and revolutionizing the trucking industry. The directorate are kind, instructive and supportive throughout employment. Absolutely loved my experience here, will hopefully return eventually!
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Have to come if you like driving

Good for start to make experience Truck new in good condition Not new never now Good emplacements of yards Have they're garaj Dispatch 24h Not lot waiting time and layovers
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