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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Très bonne compagnie avec des gens agréable a travail avec.
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Work was work. Itd be fun or itd suck

Tbh I loved working at AMJ for the 2 yrs I was there until someone pointed out that i became different because of them. That friend at the time set my life straight in more ways than one. One was AMJ. It was a good company to work for but i will never use it in my resume. I have an awesome job now where everyone respects me and I feel like I belong.

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According to Jay: its either your job or your family. Choose one
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Good people to work with.

Good people to work with but had hours reduced due to loss of contract. Pretty decent for warehouse environment. The company went a different direction with a new warehouse manager.
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Terrible toxic work environment. Most office staff was from employment agencies. I would get cold calls from employment agencies. I should have taken them up on their offer.
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Ok job

No idea what’s going on pay is awful for what the job is no great equipment and not enough people will to work so often short staffed high turnover no schedule
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Shady Workplace.

Poor communication, poor pay, employees easily disposable in the eyes of management and no respect given. Inconsistencies when discussing pay and nowhere near industry standards for majority of the jobs, time and effort put in to fix their problems.
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this is a great place to work because it is a good opportunity for you to grow and make money. you drive and move things and anyone can do it and it is great and fun
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Overall terrible environment

If you’re looking to make money, stay away from AMJ!! Horrible management with 0 communication or respect. Endless claims with no warning of deductions and not enough revenue income to afford such claims. Avoid working with them at all costs. Class 1 drivers work one day a week during the winter!
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Horrible money, back breaking work, and pay cheques that bounce and make your account negative.

Do not work for this place, the management is terrible, people lie about being vaccinated, money is bad, work is hard. I think the management actually have some mental issues.
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Low Salary

Had to work SundayNot transit Access on SundayPay was peanuts. Most of my pay for Sunday would have gone to taxiCompany would not accommodate or assist with this

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Low Pay
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Environnement de travail très agréable

Très bonne collaboration beaucoup de positif une belle esprit de équipe

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Beaucoup de respect

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Productive place to work.

Everyone's experience is different working there. Personally the time I was there I enjoyed working for this company. They have multiple departments home delivery residential moving ect.
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Great place to work.

Fast-paced workplace.Solution-oriented teams in every division make the onboarding experience seamless. There are endless opportunities within for those who want to grow.

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Driven team that wants to see everyone succeed.
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I really enjoy what I do

Good vision and values. Office vibe is great. Myself and other managers door always open. Belle vision d'entreprise et belles valeurs. La portes des gestionnaires m'incluant est toujours ouvertes aux discussions.
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Productive and Fast Paced environment

I love working at AMJ Campbell. Have made great friendships here and feel that they pay fairly for the work given. It is fast paced in the summer which really makes the days go by faster.
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Forward thinking people with a bright future!

Fast paced and a competitive environment for sales. A great place to grow/learn and develop your skills. A lot of people have stayed with AMJ Campbell for a long time which proves its a great place to enjoy your career!
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Excellent Place to work

As an essential service business, we are always on the move. We have a great group of leaders. Each day is different. Moving customers locally and long distance. Home Delivery Team workers see the local countryside as well as the city we live in daily. Our teams enjoy moving people into their new homes. They love to see their customers happy with the job they've done.

Points positifs

Great co-workers, team players, enthusiastic staff

Points négatifs

Moving some households is a hard job, heavy lifting
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Great Place to work, Great Culture

AMJ Campbell has a tremendous culture - great people, challenging and fun place to work. All employees are treated with respect. AMJ is a community driven organization that works with many charities and makes you feel proud to work there

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Great people and environment, a real family feel
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Worst place to work

Aweful company everyone there lives for drama there drivers don't pay and they don't do anything about it worst company to work for just a huge joke

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Disgusting work environment with no benefits

Never seen a company so unorganized. Their warehouse is extremely chaotic, it's like a circus. They are quick to withdraw money from your paycheck for no reason and then say it was a mistake. They provide you with a fuel card, but on the other hand they holdback $1000 from your wages for fuel. Managers are verbally abusive. Horrible place to work, wish there was an option to give zero stars.

Points positifs

Can't think of any

Points négatifs

Way too many
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Mostly good crew, terrible management

Company has internal issues involving animosity between coworkers and managers, everyone talks bad about eachother behind the back. Office will mess up paper work for the job and then the crew is blamed and left looking dumb. Very little communication between management and employees, don't know if you work the next day until around 5pm so you can't plan anything in your life

Points positifs

Decent people

Points négatifs

Long hours, lower pay than competition, poor management
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