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How many shifts is part-time? Is it 4 shifts every two weeks? Does Amica have lines you can apply to, morning, evening, nights? If there are lines, is there a rotation when you work or do you work sme hours each shifts. Is it mandtory to pick up extra shifts if working part time.

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Fulltime is 30 hours & up per week, part-time is less than 30 hours per week. A schedule is released for shifts. They have a site called Work Anywhere Amica that you can pickup extra shifts at all Amica properties within your chosen areas. If short handed they may call you to full-fill shifts, otherwise extra shifts can be picked up on-line.

Direct support staff have different lines they can work and part time consists of 25 hours a week. There are morning afternoon and evening shifts. Managers work rotating weekends.

It's a block system. It covers 2 weeks. The days you are scheduled are yours and you are responsible for them. It will never change unless there is a shift if. You don't have to work unscheduled shifts if you don't want to.

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