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le travail fut magnifique

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je débutait à 18h30 et j'étais très contente car les travailleurs et les responsables étaient en parfait harmonie ambiance très chaleureuse j'ai beaucoup appris là-bas surtout en santé et sécurité du travail qui est mon domaine d'étude c'est vraiment une famille j'aimerais bien y faire carrière si la possibilité m'était donner
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I was cross trained in all aspects of operations of the fulfillment center and that was fun knowing the ins and outs. At the time promotion to management position was impossible except after a year I left they're giving it away like candies.

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Lunch and Learn

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Safety and Training

Room for growth within the company, safety is above all else. Everyone is a number of course. Rates rates. Cross training is great specially you want to learn more not just the job.
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Great place

Takes lots of patience and training to reach good levels. Management team tries their best to accommodate everyone's schedules and needs. Cutting edge technology and always room to improve.
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Bad place

Everything looks good on paper until u get there and it’s not what it seems, ur barely get any calls thru the week, yet are expected too be on call 6 days a week until 7pm, and ur pay is also effected based on clients credit score
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good workplace

As an employee of Amazon, I've found the company to be highly dynamic and fast-paced. Amazon provides numerous opportunities for professional growth and development, with a strong emphasis on innovation and customer-centricity. The work culture at Amazon is driven by high standards and a relentless pursuit of excellence, which can be both challenging and rewarding. However, the workload can be intense at times, requiring strong time management skills and adaptability. Overall, Amazon offers a stimulating environment for those who thrive in a fast-paced, results-oriented workplace.
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Good place to get fast money not to move up

Amazon overall wasn't a bad experience but I didn't love it. There was a lot of favoritism where I worked (yvr4) and people seemed miserable, but there were a lot of people who liked repetitive work that didn't require brain power and they were happy. I switched to yvr3 for my last year of 3 that I was employed and they were a much nicer warehouse to work for so I highly recommend them if you're in that area. I learned how to drive a PIT (forklift) and I'm very appreciative of that opportunity. Management was super stressed out in yvr4 because they had really high numbers they had to get to but the employees are mostly made up of older people who can't bend and go fast, and younger adults only there for pocket money. Management in yvr3 was like a breathe of fresh air honestly, they were nice and level headed when it came to the problem solving or employee issues. Workplace culture was BAD at yvr4 everyone was very selfish and unmotivated, yvr3 had good workplace culture aside from the lazy people finding shortcuts now and then. The hardest part of the job was dealing with your coworkers not doing anything while you worked harder in yvr4 but everyone got paid the same so people got lazier and lazier. The hardest part of the job in yvr3 was just keeping your rate good if everything was way too big and you didn't get little items but it wasn't hard most days.The most enjoyable part of both was the pay each week and benefits, as well as the scheduling system.

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4 day work days and 3 day weekends

Points négatifs

The work culture
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mauvais travail

jaime vrm pos il ne nous considère pas comme des humains. Il ne nous respectes pas et le salaire/horaire n'est pas du tout en notre faveur. Sans tenir compte des heures sup non payé
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The worst

Everybody knows this is the worst company on the planet….. turnover is 150% per year and it’s the number one company on the planet for workplace injuries. Run away.
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They let you work more.Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence are clearly reflected in your work." "You consistently deliver high-quality work, which significantly contributes to our project success." "Your work is frequently cited as a model of excellence for the team.
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Worst company to work for

Amazon is the worst company to work for. They give lucrative offers and lure you in only to fire you after one year by putting you in focus and then pivot. Amazon have lots of really bad managers that keep doing this to meet their annual 5 percent URA target. I made a big mistake leaving by stable job to work for Amazon.
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Okay work pay is good

Pay is better than other warehouses I have worked in. Cannot complain about pay and benefits. The work however can get challenging at times. Be prepared
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Fun Workplace

Short work i did their but always a fun job to do. I worked as a receiving associate before which was one of the easiest yet complex work at the same time.
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Fun workplace

Best environment I have ever worked. Grateful for the wonderful experience. Though the pay was less compared to the market, got lots of benefits and perks.
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dynamic and fast-paced work environment

the implementation of new technologies and processes can be cumbersome. While the company's dedication to staying at the forefront of technology is admirable, the rapid changes can lead to confusion and a steep learning curve for the team. This has occasionally resulted in decreased efficiency and increased stress among team members.Moreover, the competitive nature of the work environment at Amazon can create a sense of cutthroat competition among colleagues. While healthy competition can drive performance, an excessively competitive atmosphere can hinder collaboration and teamwork.
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Productive workplace environment .

It was okay to work there, nothing really especial about the workplace. It wasn’t that hard as well, your body can cope with physicality’s in the workplace
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Productive place to work and learn new things.

One of the most notable aspects of working as an Amazon warehouse associate is the level of teamwork fostered within the facility. Every member of the team, from fellow associates to supervisors, collaborates seamlessly to ensure that operations run smoothly. There is a sense of camaraderie among colleagues, creating a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported.Moreover, the training provided to new associates is comprehensive and well-structured. Despite being new to the role, I felt adequately prepared to perform my duties thanks to the thorough onboarding process. The training modules cover various aspects of warehouse operations, including safety protocols, equipment usage, and inventory management, equipping associates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.
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Good workplace

It is a good place to work, there is a good work environment, safety has very high standards and the managers are very good. They offer several incentives to keep you happy and comfortable at the place.
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Reliable yet stressful

Working here would definitely put you on your toes. Fair pay but physically demanding. The best part was meeting with diverse people and personality so you get to learn how to communicate and relate with people well.
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Limited opportunities in Canada

Company is good but customer fulfillment side of business is not the best. Customer fulfillment environment is unnecessarily toxic. Always a push to improve rates all the time, to point that this is all you all day long trying to push others. Stay away from fulfillment, other parts of Amazon are great but in Canada there are only roles in fulfillment. Have to move to the US to take full advantage of the depth and breath of opportunities Amazon has to offer.
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