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Warehouse Associate45 avis
Canada45 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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A very inclusive laid-back and fun place to work

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Amazon is very busy Warehouse and the job can be physically demanding but there is a great team of managers and employees that are really there for each other and they are very flexible and try to help make everyone's experience whatever they want it to be.

Points positifs

Lots of free meals, including barbecues and waffle nights, lots of opportunities to pick up extra shifts, or to voluntarily take nights off.

Points négatifs

Night work
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Tough on body

Working at Amazon has me feeling like I'm right in the heart of the operation, where it's all about getting those boxes from point A to B. Every day is a physical marathon, moving, lifting, and stacking, ensuring that customers get what they ordered on time. The environment is straightforward but intense, with the constant hum of machinery and the rhythm of a conveyor belt setting the pace. It’s a no-frills, get-your-hands-dirty kind of job where you see the direct impact of your hard work. Sure, it’s demanding and the pace is unrelenting, but there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you’re a crucial cog in the vast Amazon machine, helping to deliver smiles one box at a time.
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The worst

Everybody knows this is the worst company on the planet….. turnover is 150% per year and it’s the number one company on the planet for workplace injuries. Run away.
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Productive place to work and learn new things.

One of the most notable aspects of working as an Amazon warehouse associate is the level of teamwork fostered within the facility. Every member of the team, from fellow associates to supervisors, collaborates seamlessly to ensure that operations run smoothly. There is a sense of camaraderie among colleagues, creating a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported.Moreover, the training provided to new associates is comprehensive and well-structured. Despite being new to the role, I felt adequately prepared to perform my duties thanks to the thorough onboarding process. The training modules cover various aspects of warehouse operations, including safety protocols, equipment usage, and inventory management, equipping associates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.
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Free food

I love everything about Amazon pay, benefits, pension planMuch up RRSP pay time. You don’t have to call when you are not well, you go online submits

Points positifs

Holidays free food

Points négatifs

During peak times
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Over work employees

Hard work. You will get injured working for amazon the question is how many times. Non stop working for 10 hours. Management will talk to you if you are not working to their standards.
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Best place to work

I worked there for 3 months as water spider, shipping dock. I really enjoyed working there. It was 10 hrs shift. All the manager were really good and humble.
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Good and fairs in all

I am still in Amazon and found very good in all system , good environment in company , friendly natures in management team so i am really excited to be there .Last my wishes is that if Amazon promote any associated person who work more than 2 years and training if he/ she needed that would be better for all like me ..i am 100% satisfied with system and culture.

Points positifs

Free service in some

Points négatifs

10 hous
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Easy first job stepping stone

Use this job as a stepping stone for your next job. Hit your rates and no one will bother you. Managers/HR are mediocre and will not help you with your problems. They will hire anyone though, so good if you need a job.

Points positifs

WIll, hire anyone

Points négatifs

Low pay
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Amazon gave me an opportunity to enter the Canadian work environment

I know many are unhappy about Amazon and how people work there. I had issues with standing and working through out the day myself. But I will forever be grateful to the company for giving me a job when I was new to the country with no experience at all in Logistics. During covid I was at home and they paid me even though I was not permanent. If I get an opportunity with better pay today, I'll join Amazon again.

Points positifs

4 day working, full time opportunity and growth opportunities

Points négatifs

Long standing hours of work
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Place is full of Indians & they only keep you there if you're Indian. If you're not, just prepare urself daily b4 going in cuz they may let u go

What is the best part of working at the company?4 10hr shifts a week and 3 days offWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?They hire you no questions but will fire you and not let you speak to anyone or give u a reason why. They just terminate your badge so you're unable to get into the warehouse. If you ask to speak with HR they'll tell you no, or to call a number and those people will NOT help you either. It happened to many ppl when I worked there and never thought It would happen to me because I got told almost daily how good of a job I was doing and my productivity was through the roof. Them boom. Fired without reason. Appealed the decision. It took 4 months. They spoke to me for literally 48 seconds then rushed me off the phone cuz they couldn't give me a reason as to why I was fired. Got an email saying their decision stands. Great work environment but terrible people running the showWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?It's all Indians. If you're not brown you're getting fired. No jokeWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?I stowed products that were brought to me by the robots which were really cool
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Productive and beneficial, good work within some areas

A typical work day is arriving to work on time with your game face and ready to work. I believe with the right attitude and dedication you can achieve what you want and have a good time. The management is always there to help and encourage with anything and they do put in the effort. Workplace culture in uplifting, everybody supports each other, communicates and works as a team when the help is needed. The hardest part of the job can actually be commuting to and from work if there is no reliable form of transportation. Rest is also a key feature of working there also. In the end, the most enjoyable part of working for Amazon can be the people you meet because they leave a lasting impression which is like most jobs that you work for over a prolonged period, but with Amazon your colleagues actually are great people to work with.

Points positifs

people, attitude, friendliness, cooperative, benefits, pay, safety

Points négatifs

people, work load, time, commute
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What is the best part of working at the company?The people I worked with in my FC site.What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Process Rate of most departments especially in Robotics FC . What is the work environment and culture like at the company? It was agood environment. I like workng in amazon . What is a typical day like for you at the company? I like prime week and peak season
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Heavy morning pickup shift

If you work on the morning for pickup shift and help to load the vans, it will be very heavy sometimes and they require you work independently without help. You can ask for help but people have to do their own tasks also.

Points positifs

Good as the start for students

Points négatifs

Less hours, heavy pickup
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Great place to work hours sucked

Everyone was cool the management wasn’t bad some were ignorant the most enjoyable part of that job was the people I worked with. The hardest part was getting to work

Points positifs

Immediate benefits

Points négatifs

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productive and supportive work place

the hardest part of the job is sometime heavy boxes have to carry.Enjoyable part of the job is people were with friendly nature..make fun with each other..Supportive

Points positifs

free lunches on special days..benefits

Points négatifs

sometime heavy work
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It's a So-So workplace.

Working at Amazon varies at which department you work at. There's more departments but I'm listing the ones where I worked as during my time there.As a packer you fold boxes and put items inside it according to the computers instructions, pretty simple and there's not much .As a picker you pick items from robotic operated shelves and put them in the bins that are shown from the screen. You have to be quick though or else you'll have a warning about how you're not picking at a fast enough rate, even though not everyone is capable of picking at a fast pace.Everyone there is pretty friendly, so no need to worry about being harassed.Pay is great as you stay longer in the company every 6 months.Hopefully management in Amazon eases the workload in faster paced departments someday.

Points positifs

Pay rate, working independently, breakroom

Points négatifs

Workload is too much
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Its an okay place to work if you are new in Canada or just want to pay your bills.

Warehouse Associate is a very stressful job that is tasking to the body. It has a robotic culture because your productivity is measure per minute. There is a bit of nepotism involved
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Fine for Entry level.

Work is long and repetitive but i don't mind that.Fellow entry level people are great.Management want you to drink the Kool aid or you have no chance at moving up. (part of it is very anti union at amazon).

Points positifs

4 day work week, benefits surprisingly good

Points négatifs

Base wage terrible compared to other warehouses, managers love the Kool aid
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Busy but fun

I really enjoy working with my team members and my supervisors are very supportive in my current role and previous one. I like the autonomy to do my job and clear expectations and encouragement to share successes
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good place to work

What is the best part of working at the company?they provide us fix schedule and good pay and many other benefitsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?there was nothing to say about stress related to work but stressful is that they hiyer people only for some time based on contract rather than giving them fix job
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Warehouse Associate chez

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