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Problem Solver43 avis
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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to get fast money not to move up

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Amazon overall wasn't a bad experience but I didn't love it. There was a lot of favoritism where I worked (yvr4) and people seemed miserable, but there were a lot of people who liked repetitive work that didn't require brain power and they were happy. I switched to yvr3 for my last year of 3 that I was employed and they were a much nicer warehouse to work for so I highly recommend them if you're in that area. I learned how to drive a PIT (forklift) and I'm very appreciative of that opportunity. Management was super stressed out in yvr4 because they had really high numbers they had to get to but the employees are mostly made up of older people who can't bend and go fast, and younger adults only there for pocket money. Management in yvr3 was like a breathe of fresh air honestly, they were nice and level headed when it came to the problem solving or employee issues. Workplace culture was BAD at yvr4 everyone was very selfish and unmotivated, yvr3 had good workplace culture aside from the lazy people finding shortcuts now and then. The hardest part of the job was dealing with your coworkers not doing anything while you worked harder in yvr4 but everyone got paid the same so people got lazier and lazier. The hardest part of the job in yvr3 was just keeping your rate good if everything was way too big and you didn't get little items but it wasn't hard most days.The most enjoyable part of both was the pay each week and benefits, as well as the scheduling system.

Points positifs

4 day work days and 3 day weekends

Points négatifs

The work culture
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5 stars

I’m doing packing 2days and 2 days problem solved and some time I’m doing just checking any items broken or no.. I’m very glad I was part of Amazon…management very friendly thay was helping each other..
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Only waste of health and time too

What is the best part of working at the company?They do not care their employWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Work like machiene.and mentally tortue by managers during workWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Not a friendly although panic and frustrationWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?I really do not want to answer except they do not care that how honest and hardworking are you
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overall its. 10 but. you won't grow. in that company there's clear system that won't. let you. grow.

What is the best part of working at the company?the work load and. the challenges they give.it mold. u. to. better person. and. they gave me confidence to. pick. the. right answer.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?the work load. that they presented to youWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?culture. of favouritism there's no transparencyWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?typically finish. a job they. give me
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fun workplace with a lot of events

we pick items then give to packer then packer pack items and send it to me so i know if they did right or notgreat team work and friendly environments

Points positifs

free snack once a month and games at break

Points négatifs

no sick day
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Fun place to work! I really enjoyed the culture and everyone at the Whitby Location. They are so nice and welcoming, work was very simple and easy to learn
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Micromanaged company

Cons -Poor management ,micro-managing their employees.Company doesn’t care how much hardwork and dedication you put.if they have to kick you out they will find ways to do so with excuses to over hiring to loss of work to Time of task timer ⏱️ etc and warnings are given by A.I computers and not humans or managers.It’s how their system generates and circulates one..Human resources is one of worst in company to get help.Most ill literate ppl working there who doesn’t know what they are doing .

Points positifs

Benefits PTO and time off options

Points négatifs

Long working hours and unstable conditions poor health and good performance leads to termination
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good work envieonment

good envieonment and fun doing work in amazon, good salary and full benefits coverage.build up your personality while working with different kind of persons
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Productive but PAs have a loads of stress for shipments

Amazon delivers shipments. It's just what you do there. Either packing or picking or sorting or maybe just watch the packages on conveyor belt. PAs and AMs do most of the work, and you're just following their commands.

Points positifs

Benefits and Overtime during Christmas

Points négatifs

they won't approve your leave on Christmas time
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poor management fast paced environment

Management only cares about their numbers they don’t care about the people. Small breaks Hard work in a fast paced environment. Lot of favouritism managers always choose their favourites for easy work.
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Don't work here long term.

Only way to get promoted is to kiss management bums, or you were poached from college/university grad with barely any experience. Work is dead easy, but boring.
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It’s very good company only pay is not enough but for starting job it’s really no.1

It’s really nice work place and enjoyable job. They never give you hard works and heavy work.and also there so many opportunities and and carrier choices program which help you to upgrade in system or somewhere..

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Best place to work

Work place is super cool the only problem I faced sum people will force you to talk in hindi if you don't know also they will talk with you. But you can't do any thing because from ground level to high level people even one will do that they won't talk in English. If they k ow English also they won't talk. If you really work hard you can grow in amazon .I love amazon
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Yyz9 was great to work at with amazing management

Was on back end night shift, had great management and co-workers. My hard work was always appreciated and I moved up quickly.

Points positifs

Good breaks, great management, lots of overtime, weekly pay.
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Decent place to work at

Nothing special. Super long hours and no time to sit plus all that matters there is hitting targets no one really cares about you as a person but it's it be expected in a huge warehouse like that.

Points positifs

pretty good benefits

Points négatifs

short breaks, long hours
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Good work experience.Inbound managers are good but had a really bad experience with outbound (packing) managers. You will not hear anything, no feedbacks after conducting interviews for another positions.

Points positifs

Salary + bonuses

Points négatifs

Poor management, No response after interviews
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Not a good place to work at all.

I continued working with Amazon due to my need for a job,and so many like me are there for this reason. Management is not helpful at all,the associates are always over worked,after a few months of working they get so many health issues and there is no help from management.If a claim is done from WSIB Amazon will counter file a case on the associate.VERY VERY BAD PLACE TO WORK
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Hard job

Take care of your attendece at work be on time never gonna late do work with full responsibility always help other and keep your self motivated and enjoy your time at amazon
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Fun place to work.

From the start to the end, the job is stressful and there is a heavy workload on associates. Management is very rude and they are not at all friendly in any manner.
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Not professional very cultural

The only good thing about amazon was the benefits, this place is very racist and management is was bias towards black people. If your not Punjabi you will never fit in and they make you feel like you are worthless plus this place has so many corona virus cases, I work her for three years and I escaped but if you hate yourself the interview process is easy because they would hire anyone.
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Good place to grow.

4 days work and 3 days off. Paid personal time and more perks... fast paced. Can be stressful but rewarding. Good place to grow....................................................
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