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Laborer43 avis
Canada43 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Usually doing a full day of literally just picking and nothing else. Working full time but only get 5-6 hours on daily, 7-8 if you’re lucky. It’s okay

Points positifs

Washroom breaks, free lunch on important days, and not much work to do

Points négatifs

Unorganized to work efficiently
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ok for a little time

not enough attention paid to employees and pay is not good compared to others warehouses and there is no room for promotions, manager are not social nor fun
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nice people and very good!

seasonal work, smells bad, minimum wages, no room for progression, long hours sometimes not to labor regulations, very fast paced, safety regulations are okay
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Really friendly

The hard part for me was when I have to download trailer , but the rest of the job is easy , the time fly , the supervisors and partners are friendly and helpful, they let you listen music which help a lot , I enjoy a lot work there

Points positifs

Free coffees

Points négatifs

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a fine place to be

Fast-based work. Friendly team. Shifts can change based on the schedule. Overtime is needed sometimes. Long-standing. Would recommend giving it a try if you are looking for casual work
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I enjoyed working here, the role i did was drive the counter balance and offload things. if anybody is interested in joining this job ithink you should just go for it tbh
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Bad. No rest just work. They fire you after peak season. No training is given. Just very hard labor. Don't even treat it like a job just a temporary thing that you do for some leisure.
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this job is very labor oriented. For 12 hour shifts it can be very depressing. pay is good for a labor job but overall just a depressing environement.
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Only work at this location If you are Punjabi

I worked at the smaller warehouse by Kipling And Belfield. I wouldn't recommend anyone that speaks english and isn't Punjabi to work at this location. Some of the associate had bad hygiene and kept playing Punjabi music the whole night on the loud speaker. If you enjoy slavery then u will enjoy amazon you got the managers/supervisors yelling at you to go faster when offloading the packages and they are very strict with the breaks. The job wasn't too hard but since most of the associates are lazy and can't lift some of the boxes for some reason, you would have to carry their work too which is unfair because we are all get the same pay. AMAZON ONLY CARES ABOUT THEIR NUMBERS, THEY DON"T CARE ABOUT THE WORKERS!!!!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Smelly/Lazy Co workers, Racism, Favoritism, Slavery, They have A/C but won't turn it on
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I have a issuse of time in amazon

There is tooo much crowd in amazon And no one can listen the sound of other I feel saffocation while doing work Secondly,monady is my shift at that day i also attend my class and i cannot concrete on my work due to having work in night
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Regret working there

all about production. supervisors only talk to you when they are giving you trouble for something and expectations during Prime month are ridiculous and not very attainable. Show favoritism

Points positifs

4 day work week

Points négatifs

Poor management
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Aftrall good

Good wages no u can work over time there and make much money but it is fast process.shift hr is to log 10 and half hour shift.need to start part time there .If u are healthy and strong then u can work there.
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Safest place to work

i feel safe while working in amazon, Good salary, Great staff, Good trainers . Overall amazon is best place to work in a safe, friendly environment that is all i want to say.
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Healthy environment for employees

It was best place to work. Many entertainment activities are done . care of employee is taken. Incentives are given for good work ,all facilities are provided that are necessary for healthy environment .
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All gud.

Peacefull and healthy work environment in all way. No pressure enjoyed best working experience. Lot of learning and growth opportunities. On time payment.
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The management is good but they use people as a machine so who work their when they go home they cann’t get up from bed before 10 hours. They have 10 hour shift thay make dumb to people
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summer job

You will be moving items and packing items. It is a 8 hour. The work is fast and it can get hot inside. It is a good summer job. The job is not bad for the pay.
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Long but fair pay

Early mornings and late nights due to busing and being far away. Other than that pay was good and work wasn't too difficult to do just setting up the shelving units for the warehouse by putting the "shoeboxes" in the shelves.
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Feel good to work in amazon

Proud to be work in amazon and I will do my job with very interest. One thing is very good in amazon that safety comes first then anything. So my wish is to become an amazonin

Points positifs

Amazon give first preference to safety that is very good

Points négatifs

In first days some muscle pains are there
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Hard but good workLemon Greek Salad 490 Lemon Greek Salad 490 Lemon Greek Salad 490 cal you know it was great and relaxing an di was able to do lots of stuff easily due to my abilities
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Not what you expect.

Disorganized hiring and training process. Night shifts only available which are ten hours long. Each sick day counts as a point, if you get three points you are in trouble. Good facility and lunch room though. Friendly people.
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Laborer chez Amazon.com

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18,23 $ par heure

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