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Amazon is amazing in terms of accommodating whether it is work related or not. Besides that, the work culture and productivity demands are too high. Management is very toxic as well and do not actually care about the well being of associates.
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Good it’s good to work Amazon they are good with employee and pay is really good over there. .
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Decent job, not for the weak

The pay is higher than minimum which is nice, full time & you handle your own time off (vacation, PTO, VTO) attendance, etc. The work week at Amazon is 4 days on 3 days off, (pretty sweet) 10 hour shifts, which is not easy to do unless you’ve previously experience that kind of work load. You are on your feet for all of that time besides two 30 minute breaks. It is a lot on your body, but I will say there is freedom with this job, going back to you are in control of handling all of your time off, no calling in to your manager when you’re sick, it’s all done through an app showing your time off balances which I personally prefer. On another plus side, for an introvert, you don’t deal with customers as you would in retail. Amazon is definitely not for everyone, but Id recommend it for anyone who can handle it, the work itself is not hard at all and actually quite repetitive hence why I’ve been in multiple departments, unless you move up to higher positions, the work is simple, it’s just how long the shifts are and the repeating body movements that make it rough some days. Most managers are pretty cool and understanding, you can decide to make friends with your coworkers or be on your own, personal choice lol. The overall vibe depends on your department and how much your like or dislike it, you can always keep moving around to find what you prefer doing there.I’d give my job at Amazon a solid 7/10
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Bad place

Everything looks good on paper until u get there and it’s not what it seems, ur barely get any calls thru the week, yet are expected too be on call 6 days a week until 7pm, and ur pay is also effected based on clients credit score
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Fun Workplace

Short work i did their but always a fun job to do. I worked as a receiving associate before which was one of the easiest yet complex work at the same time.
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It was a food place to work around and a very chill environment. Managers and process assistants were very helpful and overall experience was very great.
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Productive and caring place

It is fun and productive along with being caring They care about health of the people working there.The managers are supporting, but the HR department has room for improvement.

Points positifs

Free snacks time to time

Points négatifs

Very physical
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People don’t care to work and get paid

They chose people to push/ see people standing in corner out of camera chatting in groups/ some pretend to work/ the more you work the more you make mistake/
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Good place to work

Good staffing and people get enough time off and sick leave plus accommodation when you are sick. But hiring could be better managed as there seem to be backdoor hiring schemes
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Not a great place to work

A typical work day starts with management and PAs talking about how great production has been the previous shifts and to worker faster. I’ve learnt that the less you work you can get promoted quicker. Management are basically “Yes” robots to upper management who don’t know how to work on the line. The workplace culture is tipping the scale to over 95% of a certain ethnic group who aren’t required to speak English. The hardest part of the job is trying to figure out how Amazon operates when there is a such a large amount of associates in all areas who have no clue how to work or manage. Lastly, the most enjoyable part of the job is leaving the FC after 40 hours of work week misery.

Points positifs

The pay is still 1 to 2 dollars more than other warehouse jobs

Points négatifs

Pay not worth the aggressive pushing to work faster
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Management is very rewarding for hard workers and helps you to improve with mutliple trainings. Fast pace environment. I would love to go back there soon
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Place was great. Very flexible and people were friendly. Good benifits, pay could be way better tho. Had a good time working for Amazon. Would recommend
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it is a good company, i leant a lot from this, i really appreciate this, best company, best management good reviews, and wonderful performance . it means me a lot
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If it's too good to be true...

...then don't take the job. I got a contingent job offer after doing a measly 15-minute online quiz. Seems too good to be true, right? Correct. When working there, it makes you feel like a robot, since you usually do one task for the whole day. And the dystopian look of a massive concrete heap overlooking the nearby strip mall doesn't help its case. Of course there's opportunities to move up, but by the third month, one can't help but wonder what they're still doing there.My advice: take the job if you absolutely need it, but keep looking for greener pastures in the meantime. Otherwise, this job's not for you.
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Tough place to work but good if you are young and starting out. Can be physically demanding but it is good in the fact that you can have only four days of work
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Funplace to work

I enjoyed everyday i worked there, good pay and overtime. Mandatory overtime and holidays denied during this time!! No work/life until employees begin to quit! Steer clear!!
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Best place to work

Amazon always makes you feel welcomed. Great place to work. Treat people equally. Supervisor are really polite. If you make mistake people would be there to help you.
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Extremely taxing work

Unrealistic expectations from individuals who don't belong to a certain group of employees. Unachievable targets and very difficult to achieve.

Points positifs

Good facilities on site

Points négatifs

Long hours and strenuous work
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No comment go and experience it yourself. Come back let me how it was.

The work paid really well, if you're willing to work you will get enough hours, but no union and the management is below average because of lots of favouritism.

Points positifs

1hr of break

Points négatifs

Lots favouritism.
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I learned more because staff very politely

Amazon is a Gud company because provide usGood salary,benefits and other more.working hours good and PTO and VTO excellent opportunity .i can do more work because production.

Points positifs

Full hour work

Points négatifs

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Good place to work

It’s a great place to start working at. You can start without any prior experience and they teach you everything. Moreover if you are a permanent employee they gave you all heath benefits.
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