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Vancouver, BC54 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fast paced. The company is for someone who likes to be on toes. It’s not a rest and vest company. You need to show amazon principles which pushes the employee one step forward to deliver for customers. If you have worked here you can survive In any industry.
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Worst company to work for

Amazon is the worst company to work for. They give lucrative offers and lure you in only to fire you after one year by putting you in focus and then pivot. Amazon have lots of really bad managers that keep doing this to meet their annual 5 percent URA target. I made a big mistake leaving by stable job to work for Amazon.
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Good company with great headway scope

Nice company, very innovative and decentralized chain of command. Good compensation structure and has a lot of career potential. Most of the leadership teams are based in Seattle.
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Place was great. Very flexible and people were friendly. Good benifits, pay could be way better tho. Had a good time working for Amazon. Would recommend
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Challenging and Fast Paced

Amazon has a lot of challenging work with many different problem domains. It's extremely fast paced and every is busy - sometimes, I don't even have time to read emails! To be successful here, you would definitely have to be a self-driven individual that can handle multi-tasking. That said, there is a lot to learn; although, more so on navigating a big company's politics rather than technical skills.
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Amazon is a great company to learn and grow exponentially in your career.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Amazon, benefiting immensely from the exposure and abundant opportunities the company provided. It played a pivotal role in shaping my professional growth, boasting a dynamic startup-like culture. During my five-year tenure, I traversed through three distinct roles, constantly elevating my learning curve.Nonetheless, maintaining a work-life balance could be challenging, and I often observed internal competition outweighing support. Regrettably, it appears that Amazon may be shifting towards a more conventional corporate culture, potentially diminishing its appeal as an employer.

Points positifs

Global exposure, Great opportunities, Good Pay

Points négatifs

Scope to improve work life balance, misuse of PIP culture, too many business reviews than actual work
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Pay is really good and the benefits too but you have to give up one of your weekends and expect long hours from time to time. You will miss out some important family events specially on holidays when you are expected to work
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it is a good company, i leant a lot from this, i really appreciate this, best company, best management good reviews, and wonderful performance . it means me a lot
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Nice pay and cool work

Worked as a SWE intern. Projects are very cool and lots of opportunities to work on high impact projects. Pay was also very high for internship compared to most companies
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Specific place

You're just a cog in the system.if you cann't spin fast you will be replaced immediately.If you want to work alone 12 hours, without weekends and you don't care about the quality then it's a perfect place for you
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A lot of work

Pros:Good payConvenient location downtownNice CoworkersWork from homeCutting edge technologiesCross team collaboration Cons:A lot of workOncall rotations
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Fast paced and innovative

Smart people and exciting projects to work on. Global presence. Lots of opportunities to grow within the company. Extremely fast paced and competitive teams.
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Overwork and underpaid

The management will assign you many tasks, with long hours and little compensation. There have also been reports of poor working conditions, including inadequate break times and unsafe warehouse conditions. Some workers have complained about feeling like they are treated more like robots than human beings, with strict productivity quotas and little room for error.Additionally, there have been reports of a high turnover rate and a lack of job security, with some employees feeling like they are easily replaceable and undervalued by the company. These factors, combined with a demanding and often physically exhausting job, can lead to low morale and high stress levels among employees in the logistics industry.

Points positifs

Benefits since day 1

Points négatifs

Long Hours, Underpaid
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Being a business owner is stressful but rewarding

Learned all aspects of running an online business from inventory management to bookkeeping. It can be challenging but always feel like you are learning something new.

Points positifs

flexibility, building your own business is rewarding

Points négatifs

Can be reliant on seasonal trends
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team dependent

they expect a lot from interns and if you’re not up to par you may not get a return offer. also have to work on call when you are full time software engineer
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bad culture. Only a stepping stone

Pipping culture. Wouldn't recommend unless you don't have other optionsa percentage of people get pipped every year in other words they hire people with the intention of abusing and firing themif you think you can endure that and horrible hours for temporary until getting a better job then go for it, else stay away
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Fun place to work and safe place

When I started I knew that this was the job that suits me after I lost family members do to sickness I tried to get a Hardship transfer to Calgary YYC6 or at YYC1
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Productive and fun workplace

It’s a good place to maintain work-life balance. Staff is very helpful and supportive. Higher management is approachable and cooperative. All the time managers will appreciate you for the day.
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Learning, growing and heavy on routine writing

You will learn a lot. Sometime stressful work. Sometimes will waste your time in writing unnecessary documents for hours just for leaders to read and understand
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Purpose driven

Purpose driven company with clear vision for the next 5 years to achieve the outlined goals. Management is understanding of the work/life balance and strives to improve based on the employee feedback
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Not worth your time unless you enjoy masochistic behavior from a company

1. Pay is terrible 2. Work is extremely stressful 3. You are constantly pushed 4. You are constantly observed 5. Company monitoring even questioning if you had to go to the washroom 6. Always giving you more and more work and the overtime pay is only 1.5 7. No time for lunch or breaks8. There is no part-time or regular time; it is always over the 8 hour time on a daily basis
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