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Its ok to learn

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you can learn alot at amazon, but its just a call center, you need to make the most of it, maybe you will like it, maybe you wont. its up to you as an individual
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very stressful and uncomfortable; only good for new graduates

What is the best part of working at the company?-Above-average compensation- Good for new graduatesWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?- oncall is tough; creating mental health issues- tight deadline; very stressful- competitive enviromentWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Cut-throat competition; At least two performance review in a yearWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Code, Review other people's code, Meeting and Metting, Writing Document
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Stay away form HBC, Don't Dare to to work for this cheap company, Overworked and Underpaid

What is the best part of working at the company?None, because there is nothing to be appreciated about this company.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?carrying the heavy skids full of Merchandise form one building to another building by manual pump truck, without any help from a Fork Lift operator. Because this cheap company can not afford to pay to a fork lift driver.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Ridiculous and unacceptable by no means, it's like a newly immigrants paradise mostly from India , do whatever you want and nobody realizes what they are doing in Canada.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Very Hectic, with No fan or A/C in summer and No Heating at all in winter.
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This position offers an exceptional opportunity for professional growth and development. It provides a dynamic and engaging work environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. The role allows individuals to contribute their expertise and make a significant impact on the company's success.
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Fun workplace

Best environment I have ever worked. Grateful for the wonderful experience. Though the pay was less compared to the market, got lots of benefits and perks.
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Limited opportunities in Canada

Company is good but customer fulfillment side of business is not the best. Customer fulfillment environment is unnecessarily toxic. Always a push to improve rates all the time, to point that this is all you all day long trying to push others. Stay away from fulfillment, other parts of Amazon are great but in Canada there are only roles in fulfillment. Have to move to the US to take full advantage of the depth and breath of opportunities Amazon has to offer.
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Overall good place if you work in corporate

I worked at Amazon during the pandemic so the job was virtual all the time, the team was great but the workload amount increased a lot during peak season, I found that the salary was a little low compared to other companies
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Fun workplace

Normal employees, not bad salary, if you find your first place for job it is not bad. Salary is okey. You have benefits. In general everything is fine
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Good place for global work

Truly a global experience with the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues around the world. Lots of space for innovation and leadership principles come alive in everyday work. Can be hard to move up if you're outside one of the HQs.
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No work life balance. Busy and chaotic environment and so political. Always given tasks and expected to complete them while you already have so much on your plate. It’s wasn’t it for me.
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High stress, low reward

The job itself is what you'd expect from a call center customer service position - high stress, non-stop, and with very little to no breathing room. My location had a lot of favoritism from managers, micromanaging, as well as pressure to work overtime and not take sick leave when needed. They promote having a lot of room for growth and promotions, but I didn't see that reflected when I worked there.
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Super workplace very fun

Very fun and super workplace Good salary and career development Possibilities of developing skills International experience as we work for a well-known company
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A Fantastic Workplace with a Bright Future

I have had the privilege of being part of this wonderful workplace for several years, and I couldn't be more thrilled with my experience here. This company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to creating a positive, inclusive, and productive work environment that fosters growth and innovation.One of the standout aspects of this workplace is its people. The team is not only highly skilled and dedicated but also incredibly supportive. Collaboration is at the heart of our culture, and colleagues are always willing to lend a hand or offer guidance. This atmosphere of teamwork not only makes the workplace enjoyable but also drives success in our projects and initiatives.Another highlight is the commitment to professional development. The company places a strong emphasis on learning and growth, offering numerous training opportunities and resources to enhance our skills. Whether it's attending workshops, pursuing certifications, or participating in mentoring programs, there is always room to expand one's knowledge and expertise.In terms of leadership, our management team is exemplary. They lead by example, offering guidance and setting clear expectations while also providing autonomy for employees to excel in their roles. Their open-door policy encourages open communication, ensuring that concerns and ideas are heard and addressed promptly.The workplace culture here is truly exceptional. Diversity and inclusion are celebrated, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. This culture not only enhances creativity but also brings different perspectives - 
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Good place to work

Great place to work very organized and great management, could be more accommodating in certain areas but overall it’s not a bad place to work. Don’t e expect to get any training though, you’ll learn on the job
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work and great co workers . Work life balance is good but pay can be better . Stock options are good and option to switch between teams is great too
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Fun to work at

I enjoyed working there My little experience there was so great and it was so nice to meet people from other placesDefinitely going back soon and getting some new friends
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Good place

It was a good place to work. The pay was competitive and the management was super cool. Will recommend to whoever wants a good pay and wants to grow in a Supply chain....
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Fun work place / Fun co workers

Great work environment. lots of fun people to work with. Many people don't like working in a warehouse, but for me it was enjoyable. Great pay, just long hrs
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No worklife balance, management sucks. Negative environment to work. Good for bootlickers.

Nothing to say much those who worked here before knows how this place is becuase they never wanna return back. Overall it depends on the manager or the team which u got is concerned about your problems or not.
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Good Nice manager I was working in India not Canada. But Amazon is the Best employer in the world. Highlight recommendedSalary and prp provided is good
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nice people and very good!

seasonal work, smells bad, minimum wages, no room for progression, long hours sometimes not to labor regulations, very fast paced, safety regulations are okay
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