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Mississauga, ON72 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Easier that floor work just a couple dollar more pay

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Its easier than working on the floor the whole day, but the salary its merely a dollar or two more from the minimum pay new hires receive. more responsibility for not enough pay
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Free food

I love everything about Amazon pay, benefits, pension planMuch up RRSP pay time. You don’t have to call when you are not well, you go online submits

Points positifs

Holidays free food

Points négatifs

During peak times
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Amazon gave me an opportunity to enter the Canadian work environment

I know many are unhappy about Amazon and how people work there. I had issues with standing and working through out the day myself. But I will forever be grateful to the company for giving me a job when I was new to the country with no experience at all in Logistics. During covid I was at home and they paid me even though I was not permanent. If I get an opportunity with better pay today, I'll join Amazon again.

Points positifs

4 day working, full time opportunity and growth opportunities

Points négatifs

Long standing hours of work
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My overall experience is. I see a lot of turnovers so not a good place to work there

What is the best part of working at the company?Not a good experience when it comes to dealing with Safety manager. If I see someone do something wrong. Manager brush it off, I feel it is double standard when it comes to certain people. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Walking non stop until everything is packed and sent to Delivery drivers. And other stressful part is getting packages off conveyor.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Not so much ch of a culture at all, everyone is from m different background and rarely gel together. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Same old sh** same day every day
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Great to work on your own time

It's great. Source, list, sell. It's great to own your own business especially through a platform such as Amazon. I'm working with different retailers to source products and sell it on Amazon.
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Extremely taxing work

Unrealistic expectations from individuals who don't belong to a certain group of employees. Unachievable targets and very difficult to achieve.

Points positifs

Good facilities on site

Points négatifs

Long hours and strenuous work
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Good over all

Good work environment, sometimes long hours.Make friends, just hard to go up.Fun events during summer and winter.Work from home is allow, coffee provided.
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Robotic Employee

Usually doing a full day of literally just picking and nothing else. Working full time but only get 5-6 hours on daily, 7-8 if you’re lucky. It’s okay

Points positifs

Washroom breaks, free lunch on important days, and not much work to do

Points négatifs

Unorganized to work efficiently
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good place to work

The company I searched upon the Glassdoor is Amazon. The overall reviews of the employees and rating given by them was arouns 4.5 average out of 5 and the 92% of the CEO would suggest you to work under the same environment.Talking about what makes the environment of Amazon so interesting where employees and people actually are giving more than 4 rating to the company is its ethical and considerable approach towards the society. Many people have commented amazing work culture, employee benefits, internal transfer, good organisational working atmosphere and also availability of lots of development opportunities as Pros to grow well in the organisation. On the other hand talking about the Cons, the only complaint is that the company is so huge you'll get confuse in your work task and job titles may also confuse to report to whom.This data and review analysis clearly shows us that Amazon is an ethical company working on the basis of providing a holistic and improvised environment for everyone. The elements to nurture and make them feel included in the main motive of the company whereas to provide the best satisfaction every stakeholders is the overall vision to achieve.As per my assistance, I would ask the company various questions regarding the various opportunities available to the students for the internships, the employee benefits included for the employee, the appraisal percentage for employee to grow and also the training and developmental programs to make them skilled.
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Some stations are good some are not as in employees at some station just dont know how to optimise the route for the driver

The busiest stations are good ,but you are not guranteed work . You have to accept the blocks when they arrive ,which is at random.The station in mississauga is so lame they never optimise route ,besides they have as many stops as packages.
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Productive. Fun. Too many things at once. No work-life balance. The people are good. Management depends on site -- can make or break your experience.

ProsSalaryBenefitsPeopleConsWork -- everything is data metrics so you better know what your talking about when called out, and back it up by numbersOn your feet alotAmbiguous workOffice politics
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Fullfillment Associate

Horribly micromanaged and mistreated all employees. Many quit after a days work. Horribly managed and made meet atrocious quotas every hour, and if not, reprimanded
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Great place for career growth if interested in supply chain management

Competitive environment and physically demanding. Room for training and flexible shift. Great medical and dental benefits. Everyone is welcome to share ideas that will impact the company positively

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours
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I have worked at Amazon as a Packaging and customer returns I would love to work there again

I have worked at Amazon almost about a year I worked as a packager customer returns and I would love to go back into working at Amazon as customer returns as series.
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Amazon is one of the best to work

My experience with amazon customer service is very professional & knowledgeable and they know about the products they sell with confidence . My experience with amazon is , I ordered one item from you, in the box some parts where missing, when I called and told you about missing parts, amazon gave me 10 percent discount, and I was happy with that.
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The company a whole is a very big company they have a lot of people working there that are unqualified and treat people very disrespectfully they always talk about home life balance and there was no home life balance at all they are disrespectful to women and they also don’t listen to the associates HR is not involved the associates there for the company

Points positifs

Benefit package is amazing

Points négatifs

You can work as hard as you’d like for as long as you want and you’re still not gonna get ahead
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Best staff

Great experience, enjoyed working over there. Love the way they treat their staff, u daily learn new skills, daily meetings increase the strength of everyone
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rigid work

the workplace is very strict and for the groups that work at night, they do not perform integrations around 3 am since the body and mind do not give much.
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Not at all productive at Amazon

No time to comprehend what you are doing, treated you as a machine.No training given, but excepted you to meet quota of scanned items, when the supervisor or team lead could not even meet quota.
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happy new year everyone. May this year full of joy and happiness. May god full fill everyone’s wishes and work hard in your life to get something. God is one.
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No work life balance

It's a good company but a lot of chaos. It's not your typical 9 to 5 job There are good people but work pressure keeps you from getting to know the people around you.
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