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Calgary, AB56 avis

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Made the BIG BUCKS selling items for my bosss it was an amazing time. Highly recommend working here for the money and good times it is truly amazing environment working from home
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Nice workplace. Friendly atmosphere. Nice Supervisor, a good place to work. Focus on safety first. Flexible for time. I learned a lot. Healthy work atmosphere .
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Over work employees

Hard work. You will get injured working for amazon the question is how many times. Non stop working for 10 hours. Management will talk to you if you are not working to their standards.
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I love it

What is the best part of working at the company?Family atmosphere and growth opportunity What is the most stressful part about working at the company?It is very interesting working at AmazonWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Amazon is promoting a culture of and respect and creating a family workplace environment
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No ethics, no rules, every day is a new rule, break the commitment

What is the best part of working at the company?No insurance deduction, that means more money in your pay vheque. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Nothing, u always stay a delivery driver with same wage forever. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Work culture is like, they knew nothing about culture. They cut your hours., call you early morning and cancel your shifts, when you are on your shift they call you 3-4 hours before and give your orders to someone else and as a result and losing 1-1.5 hrs every day?What is a typical day like for you at the company?Hectic, you have to continuously run, and since morning, you have to worry about next day shift whether they will call you or they will cancel your shift. That is why nobody stays longer working with Amazon.
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Good if you need quick work

Signed up as a seasonal fulfillment associate during the christmas season. Wasn't expecting much and was still let down. Extremely busy for such a short shift that I was on. Coupled with some very lazy co-workers who could never pull their weight and a night schedule (12am to 3-5am), it's safe to say I would never work here again.

Points positifs

15 minute break in such a short shift

Points négatifs

Lazy Co-workers, Bad Schedule
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You must be desperate.

The hardest part of the Job was a complete disregard for health and safety. They have something called AMCare, this is to prevent WCB claims, and Injury compensation. They say they treat you in the warehouse and have their medical personnel verify that information

Points positifs

Paid time off, at workers discretion.

Points négatifs

Your co-workers may or may not jump off of the top floor of a certain section of the warehouse.
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Only to work transitionally

management makes you feel like you are a robot since you have to meet very high standards not in accordance with human behavior. For the amount of salary they offer they should considerably reduce production levels for a single person

Points positifs

Just 4 days of work

Points négatifs

Management and low salary for their high production expectations
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Fun place to work

Good place to workManagement is goodPay is goodBenefits are goodGrowth opportunity Overall good place to work Sometime stressful environment 10 hour shift
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At the end of the day, its all about money, so people suck it up and do the job, but man, its brutal, especially if you work night shift. Heavy manual work no matter who you are -> undermanned almost all the time. Especially when Amazon announces "Amazon day" or smth, thats when there are more employees, but work is still brutal.
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While working there i get all help i need from my co workers and my manager but now its kinda slow down and i dont have a schedule yet for 2weeks already
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Productive busy workplace!

it is ok. Gave unrealistic expectations. The better you are at your job, the more work they give you to do. People that don't try get helped more and have easier routes.Was this review helpful?
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Stress, minimal breaks, no flexibility

Sadly they do not have flexibility availability like they boast. Was told when I was interviewed I could get certain shifts, never happened. Even after I contacted their head office
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Great company indeed

Great company to work with! The culture is completely unique, there is emphasis to grow and learn. Exceptional team with incredible amount of knowledge.
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Churn & burn, you’re not missing anything

Too many mid-level managers that don’t have a clue suckling at senior management’s every desire and knee jerk decision. The ‘network’ assumes robots work there, you’re a pawn and there is absolutely no contingency for errors / interruptions / outages of any kind. You will be ‘called out’ (thrown under the bus) by said plethora of mid-managers that will justify their existence and disgust for workers by giving ‘adapt feedback’ (documented warnings) or safety violations arbitrarily.Bow before the mighty Creator you piece of garbage and get orders out the door now, because my manager’s managers manager said their manager said so, and remember, have fun smiley face emoji.

Points positifs

Free t-shirts, yay

Points négatifs

You’ll be busy for the sake of being busy, buckle up if something goes awry and witness micro management at its absolute finest
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You will be treated as a robot no doubt

They will never fire you this the good part unless you come up with crazy things so chill and do the job assigned to you easily but be fast as a robot

Points positifs

You wouldn’t get fired

Points négatifs

Long hours, you must be fast
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not bad

coming to work everyday. Management is always available and responsive. There is a lot of focus on continuous improvement and employee safety. to have this job at such a great company?
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Very bad . HR is not Human Resources but harassment resource

Benefits are good Work is quite tougher but management also doesnot listens so work becomes tougher . Management is biased sometimes and considerate towards only people pampering them managers . Not Everyone friendly work culture. Treat unevenly . This is really really bad .
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Long hours

Long hours and stressful environment..... Not transit accessible so you will need your own transportation.... Management is average to below average..
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Not very hard but fast paced

Culture of favoritism but the work isn't hard. Typical day is fast paced. Most co workers are decent. The hardest thing about the job is all the walking required in the huge warehouse.
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this company doesn't care about you

stressful, no balance, not worth it. will make you work crazy hours but will not pay you. no incentive for leadership, they don't care about you, all that matters is get the work done
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