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Its ok not good not bad its just very stressful for no reason
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Fast pace

Fast starts and high rates to do everyday.Management don't support you. They help there own in being promoted.A lot of favouritismReward the lazy people and nothing for the hard workers! High accommodations from injuries and they take advantage of this. There are a lot of employees that shouldn't be there. I like most of my co-workers.
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a typical day at work

The most challenging part of the job is dealing with associates on the station—lack of knowledge of management. clean environment and facility. Decent wage.
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If you enjoy doing the bare minimum this is the job for you.

In this job, the managers who are in charge of the delivery station have not made any deliveries in the past... That right there is a huge red flag. Out of touch with reality, their solution is to just push their drivers harder for results instead of working with them to find solutions. Could have been a great place to work had management actually become students of their craft instead of looking for their next promotion, belittling those whom actually have first hand experience in the field.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits

Points négatifs

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Good workplace

Fun place to work but physically hard. Very less advancement opportunities in warehouse. Picking is hardest. Pay and benefits are really good . Overall good for short term
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Productive, but toxic management culture

Senior management consist of sycophantic know it alls that will micromanage you and treat you like you’re in primary school. Benefits and pay were good, but if you value your mental health, I would recommend you stay far away from this role at Amazon in the delivery stations.
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It’s ok

Too much racism otherwise it’s ok hardest place to work is picking the most enjoyable part is when you get ur break sometimes they give u free food and gift
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Fast Paced

Amazon is a great place to work at. The company will take care of you when it come to safety but when it comes to advancement there might be less opportunities.

Points négatifs

Hard work
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This workplace has a very fast paced and stressful environment. I have barely seen people last there for a long time. Most people work to make quick cash and quit after few weeks/ months.
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If you aren’t south Asian don’t apply.

They all speak their own language, they aren’t equal at all. HR will not help you, management aren’t clear on what they want u to do. You’re a robot they track everything you do.. if you’re in the bathroom for too long, you’ll get a warning. Minimum is 5 mins nothing longer. It’s good if you enjoy working all day and not having a life. Taking days off is impossible and a headache, I think they need new management honestly and HR. I also believe they discriminate heavily if you aren’t south Asian.
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Coworkers are good, Management and safety issues everywhere

They always talk about safety, but when you report a safety issue, you're expected to ignore it and keep working. Machines malfunction all the time and aisles are always overstocked and messy. If you get injured while on the job, they try to blame you for "unsafe working practices" so they can keep their incident reports down, even though you're following their directions and not breaking the rules.Management either doesn't care or are too busy with petty workplace politics to care about anything other than pushing out numbers, and the good leaders are bullied by higher-ups until they give up and stop caring.The different departments don't talk to each other, and miscommunications caused by that lack of communication are blamed on the entry-level workers that are left with conflicting rules that change depending on who you talk to.
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Its not a good workplace and environment. They tend to overworked their employee with minimum wage. There is so much heavy lifting in the company.......
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Not a bad place to work

Work is highly repetative. Decent pay.Management is not very supportive. Heavy lifting involved. Interview is not that hard. Opportunity for advancement is less.
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good time.

Shift timings not good ( 1:20am to 11:50am)but good for someone who wants to cover 40 hours in 4 days but Overall its a good experience.definitely recommend
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same routine and physically hard

Amazon is good company with good benefits but still its really physically hard when its a 10 hour shift and they expect you to be productive all the time. Picking is really hard it is 10 hour of walking.

Points positifs

benefits, paid time off, bonus

Points négatifs

long hours
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Only if you desperately need a job

Understand that by working at Amazon the following will happen:no flexibility, not enough pay, enough rules to fill a library, you will work harder than you ever have before, you will have excellent benefits (non-seasonal employees only)The final bit of information is that if you don't know the right people you will not advance in this company. Also, don't expect to hear about other positions you apply for.

Points positifs

Most benefits are excellent when you are no longer seasonal

Points négatifs

low pay, long hours, no flexibility, ridiculous rules
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Hard work but professional environment

The work is so hard and you will leave for home fully exhausted. Involves heavy lifting, fast movement, and shift long standing. Workload is unreasonable. However, you are respected as a person and the pay is competitive. They make sure to squeeze every bit of energy during your shift.
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working environment is wholesome

It's hard work but rewarding plus the working hours are flexible. it gets busy during particular times of the year like prime days, black Fridays,Christmas etc.
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Warehouse associate

Very poor place to work it is not what they say!!! They say they are flexible with schedules and accommodating your needs but that is quite the opposite!!! Very poor management, very poor help from HR, they do nothing to help! Your just a number there and not a person! If you get injured at work they will send you home with no pay even thought it happened on company grounds! It’s the complete opposite of what they say STAY WAY!!!!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours, no assistance, poor management
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You’ll be disposable

Their whole model is to make people work like dogs until they can find a reason to fire them before they can use the benefits that you’re supposed to get on day one but never go through.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Long working hours

Hours are very demanding. Management is not very clear in their expectations for you and do not communicate well. The workers themselves are hardworking, but are not recognized adequately for their work.
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