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Emplois : Amazon (Cambridge, ON et environs)

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Temps Plein
Area Manager II

Cambridge, ON

il y a 9 jours

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Temps Plein
Operations Manager

Cambridge, ON

il y a 9 jours

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Temps Plein
Loss Prevention Site Lead

Cambridge, ON

il y a 10 jours

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Avis des employés pour Amazon (Cambridge, ON)

Sales Associate (Cambridge, ON)

le 30 novembre 2023


Working as a sales associate at XYZ Corporation has been a rewarding experience. The company's commitment to a positive workplace culture, continuous learning, and competitive compensation makes it an excellent place for individuals looking to thrive in a sales-oriented role. Despite some challenges during peak periods, the supportive team environment and focus on employee development make XYZ Cor...

Warehouse Associate/Order Picker (Cambridge, ON)

le 13 mai 2024

Good for short term work and nothing else

I worked as a seasonal warehouse associate and busted my butt hitting every metric on sorting and scanning items in hopes of earning a permanent job there but that is now how Amazon hires people. If you get in at the right time you will become a full time employee, your work ethic is irrelevant.If you need a short term job with terrible hours and a ton of repetitive motions then you will enjoy i...

Assistant (Cambridge, ON)

le 5 décembre 2023


The managment dumps stupid amounts of work on you and when your body breaks they sit there wondering why you cant do the task you been forced to do everyday for months on end

Sortation Specialist (Cambridge, ON)

le 25 juin 2023

Great place to work with fair pay.

What is the best part of working at the company?The team I work with and the regular exercise that I get. To me it doesn’t feel like a job. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?For me there isn’t any I work 4 hours only in the afternoons. Time goes really fast. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great. We are very diverse and I get along wi...

Cleaning Supervisor (Cambridge, ON)

le 24 novembre 2022

Fun workplace

I really enjoyed and it was great learning experience being a student.Pay is good. Not much stressfull.Physically not that demanding.Overall a very good experience

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