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Emplois : Amazon (Nisku, AB et environs)

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Temps Plein
Senior Station Manager

Edmonton, AB

il y a 8 jours

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Temps Plein
Area Manager II

Acheson, AB

il y a 16 jours

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Temps Plein
Sr. HR Manager

Acheson, AB

il y a 30+ jours

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Avis des employés pour Amazon (Nisku, AB)

Problem Solver (Nisku, AB)

le 2 mars 2021

Decent place to work at

Nothing special. Super long hours and no time to sit plus all that matters there is hitting targets no one really cares about you as a person but it's it be expected in a huge warehouse like that.

OMR (Nisku, AB)

le 6 mars 2022

Do NOT work here…

Management is very poor. Constantly changing schedules to suit them. Very boring, you won’t learn anything on this job. Work for anyone else instead of here

Amazon Associate (Outbound Shipdock) (Nisku, AB)

le 16 septembre 2021

They don't care about you

When you first come in for the day, the lines get loaded with 1500 packages an hour which a small team of 2 to 4 on each lane (there are 4 lanes on each line) have to deal with everyday. Stuff that should not be sent down the lines gets sent down anyways because the upper management just does not care. If you get injured, they will just blame you. You cannot move up within the company as they will...

HR Assistant (Nisku, AB)

le 22 avril 2021

Toxic Culture, Horrible Work/Life Balance and leadership

Leadership are all on a power trip so if you voice your concerns all you get are upset managers telling you they’re upset. No structure or rotation when it comes to working days/nights. No support from leadership, you’re just a worker and if you don’t like it then they don’t care. This company has 0 regard for mental health. A lot of favoritism so you have to be ok with seeing it first hand witho...

PA (Nisku, AB)

le 30 août 2020

its all about numbers

Amazon only sees you as a number producer. if you can give them numbers they don't want you. plus a lot of a s s k i s s I n ggoes on there to move up and make people to like you. from the first day amazon will expect you to know it all and do all. if you follow the rules the management give you st. if you try to give them the numbers they want you still get st and the pay on the other hand is wor...

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