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Labourer (Brampton, ON)

le 30 mars 2024
not enough attention paid to employees and pay is not good compared to others warehouses and there is no room for promotions, manager are not social nor fun

Labourer (Toronto, ON)

le 20 juillet 2023
seasonal work, smells bad, minimum wages, no room for progression, long hours sometimes not to labor regulations, very fast paced, safety regulations are okay

General Labourer (Mississauga, ON)

le 16 mars 2023
Usually doing a full day of literally just picking and nothing else. Working full time but only get 5-6 hours on daily, 7-8 if you’re lucky. It’s okay

General Labourer (Concord, ON)

le 12 juillet 2022
The hard part for me was when I have to download trailer , but the rest of the job is easy , the time fly , the supervisors and partners are friendly and helpful, they let you listen music which help a lot , I enjoy a lot work there

General Labourer (Ottawa, ON)

le 19 avril 2022
Fast-based work. Friendly team. Shifts can change based on the schedule. Overtime is needed sometimes. Long-standing. Would recommend giving it a try if you are looking for casual work
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