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Today I had a interview, they asked me where I want to do work in Brampton or Mississauga warehouse, at a time I made wrong decision... is it possible to change my workplace or not ?

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Not until you have been an associate for 3 mths and a posting comes up

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You have to work for 3 months in the location in which you are here after that you can transfer your location anytime.

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It's a long procedure and take months to transfer from one shift to another or from on office location to another.

Réponse du - Floor Associate (Former Employee) - Brampton, ON

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I should be possible

Réponse du - INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR- COURIER DELIVERY DRIVER (Former Employee) - maryland Unites

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Not until you have been working there for at least 60 days

Réponse du - Fulfillment Associate (Current Employee) - yvr2 new westminister

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An application should be submitted to HR and whenever there is an opening they approve the transfer.

Réponse du - Assistant Manager (Current Employee) - Mississauga, ON

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