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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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Believe me when I say the workers at Amazon will gain solidarity in the foreseeable future,
The workers will receive a spark and the selfish management types will have to eat crow.


I suggested (in a very friendly manner) to the Plant Manager that the plant was a disorganized mess, a fire-trap, and basically an unsafe place to work...
Later I was told by HR; " I didn't pick fast enough' and I was fired with no warning.

I was not able to say goodbye to my many mates ... which hurt the most.

AMAZON for me was OK and I worked hard and made a lot of friends... but the Floor Manager did not like me because I spoke to the PM to often and this made him insecure.

Please don't use the associats to firstly use and then kicked out .if amazon improve the company then behave all employees to real mother .don't feel like step mother. If your production slow u can shift only 2 days of all people .because associates will not feel .they have no work .

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