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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez

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Very noisy (ear plug is supplied by Amazon) and very hot after May (temporary noisy fan is placed on the floor). Nice cafeteria, but most associate has sad, very tired face, not enjoying food, the vending machines has rip-off price snack and sandwich only, bring your own lunch box. Once a week or so, there is Employee Appreciation day when Amazon HR brings free pizza/coffee. So many strict rules on condition of employment (actually it's job termination rule), It is OK for top notch performer, but it is very stressful for ordinary performer. You start seeing co-worker is leaving guided by manager within a month of start date.

Working at Amazon was fun and very productive,

Good.... work Independently,, work productivity

They are so biased and they really don't care about their employees.

Very nice and helpful.

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The work environment is very good and they have employed different cultural people, that's why you get more chances to share information with everyone.

The work environment is awesome. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. It's a fun atmosphere.

Very accomodating

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