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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez

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Yes, it is true

Just attend job open house (look closely on advertisement for event for the date and time), bring your license or passport as ID, and SIN card, Fill out the online application form at the site, listen general introduction, tell preference of which day and shift you want to work (other than that, there is no question will be asked). They will do background/criminal check, wait for a week or so, you will receive "Congratulation" email from HR. Actual starting date will be a couple month later.

I was applying on the online Amazon so they did hire me

Its very easy as long you have high school can apply online or their job career fair is fastest way and through an agency.

You can apply at the internal staffing agency, SMX, on site or apply online directly to amazon.

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Check on the amazon careers and apply to the one you want to work at. every facility is different. they do drug test you.

Work to the point do not try to be over smart they are more smarter then you.

Walk-ins, and referrals.

Walk-in hired.

Either via direct-hire events or agency. You sign on a three month contract and see if you're fit for the job.

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