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Arrogant, selfish, worst listeners, and stupid. Career destroying place.
When I first started at Altus Environmental and Forestry back in 2006 I was given a computer from 1995 to do all my work on that was impossibly slow. Literally the cursor would turn for 2 and half minutes every time I made one small decision on the computer. The only way the supervisors can possible make themselves look good is by making you look bad (especially behind closed doors). And communication with supervisors is a waste of time, selfish and stupid. I was laid off because my supervisor was completely incompetent, stupid, rude, arrogant, and full-of-her-self. She lost all of her contracts and needed mine to keep her job. She scapegoated all of her mistakes onto me and then manipulated me into signing for them promising me a fake bonus, I never got. I heard she was fired back in 2007; good. My Sponsoring Forester was useless too. They had no idea what is on the RPF test, and don't care. To meet with them was a 'bother', both times, over the period of a year. They had no notes to give and were not supportive at all. Then when all three FITs failed the RPF exam they threatened all three of us with termination and had us sign a threatening ignorant letter, that was unnecessary, and moronic. They literally spent more time with threats and manipulations then with honest help. I don't even think they understand what honest help is. Their job performance review was brutal too. They pull you into a room, completely unprepared, rub some small mistake you made six months ago in you face repeatedly, and babel nonsense non stop. Then when you are so stupefied by how unprofessional - plus...
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